Isaac Mbeche Nyang\'au

Research themes
  • Land use and food security
  • Knowledge
  • Social and cultural change and adaption
  • Sustainable use of biological resources
  • Biodiversity
Research countries
  • Ethiopia
Research topic
Boundary Work and Agricultural Innovation systems
Research projects

Biomass Web project

Push-pull programme

Professional experience

Senior Research Assistant, icipe 2007-2013,

Research officer, FARM-Africa 2003-2006,

High School Biology/Chemistry teacher 1998-2000.


Bsc Biological sciences (Egerton University, Njoro 1994-1998)

Msc Rural Development Studies (Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Uppsala 2000-2002)


Designing and implementing field data collection instruments, analysis and scientific report writing.Participatory Research Management, Monitoring and Evaluation.

Funding institutions

Center for Development Research, ZEF

International Center of Insect Physiology and Ecology (icipe)


Research partners

International Center of Insect Physiology and Ecology (icipe)

Ethiopia Institute of Agricultural Research (EIAR)

Research affiliation

Food security and agricultural innovation systems in Eastern Africa

Thesis title

Boundary Work and Agricultural Innovation Systems: Developing a Conceptual and Methodological Framework for Science-Practice Interaction and Knowledge Generation using an example of Push-pull Technology in Ethiopia.

Doctoral research funded by

Center for Development Research (Bonn-Germany) and icipe (Kenya)

Cooperation partners

Ministry of Agriculture (Ethiopia)

Supervisors of
doctoral work

Prof. Dr. Christian Borgemeister and

Prof. Dr. Anna-Katharina Hornidge

Advisor at ZEF

Dr. Girma Kelboro and

Dr. Till Stellmacher


Khan, Z.R., C.A.O. Midego, I.M. Nyang’au, A. Murage, J. Pittchar, L.O. Agutu, D.M. Amudavi and J.A. Pickett. 2014. Farmers’ knowledge and perceptions of the stunting disease of Napier grass in Western Kenya. Plant Pathology , 6: 1426-1435. Download [DOCX | 13.95KB]

Isaac Mbeche Nyang\'au

Junior Researcher

imbeche(at); imbeche(at)