Yvette-Marie Ntrakwah

Research themes
  • Land use and food security
Research countries
  • Ghana
Research topic
Assessing the impact of agricultural innovations on smallholder farmers and food security in sub-Saharan Africa

Master of International Development Studies (National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies, Tokyo, Japan)


Bachelor of Arts, Economics with Statistics (University of Ghana, Legon, Ghana)




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Thesis title

Assessing the impact of agricultural innovations on smallholder farmers and food security in sub-Saharan Africa

Thesis abstract

Agriculture continues to be a topical issue in a world where achieving food security remains a considerable challenge due to a changing population. Given the competing demands for land and the need for sustainable production, there is a renewed focus on the optimization of small farms through the use of innovative agricultural technologies. Despite years of research and spending on agricultural innovations, there is contradictory and limited evidence of their impact leading to untapped productivity potential in Sub-Saharan Africa. The intention of this research is to use a systematic review and meta-evaluation to provide a single-source synthesis of the available empirical evidence provided by randomized control trials on the impacts of various agricultural technologies on small scale farmers. It also aims to simulate short, medium and long-term impacts of top-down and bottom-up agricultural innovations; including combinations of innovations, thereby identifying scale-neutral, smallholder friendly and climate-smart agricultural technologies with the highest net impact on small farmer yield, labour, profits and food security in different crop and agro-settings. It is expected that the agricultural technologies with the highest impacts, from both the experimental studies and simulation models, will differ by crop, agro-setting and farmer groups as smallholder farmers are not homogeneous.

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doctoral work

Prof. Joachim von Braun

Advisor at ZEF

Dr. Justice Tambo

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Yvette-Marie Ntrakwah

Junior Researcher

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