Dr. Nina Langen

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Current position

Junior Professor

Current institute employer

Institute of Vocational Education and Work Studies of the Technical University Berlin, Chair for Nutrition and Food Sciences



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Previous positions

2009 - 2015 Institute for Food and Resource Economics (ILR), University of Bonn



1st Advancement Award 2012 of the Competence Center NRW consumer research for her dissertation



Agricultural Economist


• Fair Trade und Charitable Giving

• Cause-related Marketing

• LOHAS und Ethical Consumption

• Latent Class Analysis, Discrete Choice Analysis, Auctions

• Information Display Board

• Food Waste


Degrees / expertise

Dipl. ing. agr. (University of Bonn)


Langen, N. 2012. Ethics in Consumer Choice – An Empirical Analysis based on the Example of Coffee. Doctoral thesis at Faculty of Agriculture, University of Bonn. Springer Gabler: Wiesbaden Further Information


Langen, N.. 2011. Are ethical consumption and charitable giving substitutes or not? Insights into consumers’ coffee choice. Food Quality and Preference, 22: 412–421.. Further Information
Langen, N.; Hartmann, M.. 2011. New forms of consumer power – Implications from the first Cologne Carrotmob..


Langen, N; Grebitus, C; Hartmann, M.. 2010. Is there need for more transparency and efficiency in Cause-related Marketing.
Langen, N.. 2010. Fairer Handel und Spenden aus Konsumentensicht. In: Aichholzer, G. et al. (eds.): Technology Governance: Der Beitrag der Technikfolgenabschätzung. Gesellschaft - Technik - Umwelt.
Langen, N., Grebitus, C. and M. Hartmann. 2010. Is there need for more transparency and efficiency in cause-related Marketing?. International Journal on Food System Dynamics, 1 (4). Further Information


Grebitus, C., Hartmann, M. and Langen, N.. 2009. The ethical consumer’s willingness to pay for coffee: A comparison of donations, Fair Trade, organic, and cause-related marketing coffees.
Langen, N.. 2009. Ethical coffee consumers’ willingness to pay: A comparison of Fair Trade, organic, and cause-related marketing coffees.
Langen, N., Grebitus. C. and Hartmann, M.. 2009. Fair Trade and donations: two possibilities to contribute to poverty alleviation in daily purchase decisions.
Langen, N.; Grebitus, C.; Hartmann, M.. 2009. Fair Trade and Donations: two possibilities to contribute to poverty alleviation in daily purchase decisions – Do consumers care?. In: Klein, A. and Thoresen, V. (eds.) (eds.): Making a Difference: Putting Consumer Citizenship into Action, Consumer Citizenship: Promoting New Responses. Vol. 5. 60-73.
Nina Langen, Carola Grebitus, Monika Hartmann. 2009. Do German consumers differentiate between Fair Trade certification and charitable giving.

Research themes
  • Global development and trade
Research countries
  • Germany
Research topic
Fair Trade versus Aid: An Analysis from a consumer and producer perspective
Working groups

Trade and Macro Group at ZEF

Professional experience

Junior Product Manager, Alnatura Produktions- und Handels GmbH


Dipl. ing. agr. (University of Bonn)

Funding institutions

Robert Bosch Foundation

Research partners
Research affiliation

Institute of Food and Resource Economics

Department of Agricultural and Food Market Research

University of Bonn



Doctoral research funded by

Robert Bosch Foundation

Nina Langen

Former Junior Researcher