Dr. Sevim Seda Yamaç

Research themes
  • Environmental and climate change
Research topic
crop modelling, tree modelling, modelling and simulation, agricultural irrigation, climate change and agriculture, process-based modeling of afforestation system

Ph.D. in Agricultural Ecology, Milan University, Italy, 2014;

M.Sc. in Land and Water Resources Management: Irrigated Agriculture, The International Centre for Advanced, Mediterranean Agronomic Studies (CIHEAM)-The Mediterranean Agronomic Institute of Bari (IAMB), Italy, 2010;

B.Sc. in Agricultural Engineering - Specialist in Farm Structure and Irrigation, Mustafa Kemal University, Turkey, 2008.


Capelli, G., Yamaç, S. S., Stella, T., Francone, C., Paleari, L., Confalonieri, R. 2015. Are advantages from partial replacement of corn with second generation energy crops undermined by climate change? A case study for giant reed in Northern Italy. Biomass & Bioenergy, 80: 85-93.
Stella, T., Francone, C., Yamaç, S. S., Ceotto, E., Pagani, V., Pilu, R., Confalonieri, R. 2015. Reimplementation and reuse of the Canegro model: From sugarcane to giant reed. Computers and Electronics in Agriculture, 113: 193-202.


Cantore, V., Wassar, F., Yamaç, S.S., Sellami, M.H., Albrizio, R., Stellacci, A.M., Todorovic, M. 2014. Yield and water use efficiency of early potato grown under different irrigation regimes. International Journal of Plant Production, 8: 409-428.
Yamaç, S.. 2014. Development and evaluation of a detailed, process-based crop model for giant reed. Doctoral thesis at Faculty of Agriculture. University of Milan