Cesar Canon Barriga

Research themes
  • Water resources
  • Environmental and climate change
  • Ecosystem services
Research countries
  • Colombia
Thesis title

Producing Flood Maps for different Climate Scenarios and Land-Use Configurations under Climate Change Uncertainty in order to analyze Risk-Mitigation Strategies. A Case in Colombia

Thesis abstract

Flood maps provide important information to communities about the spatial extent of floods and their associated risks.

In Colombia, the absence of an integrated planning by the government and the armed conflicts over land ownership, restrain urban and rural communities from rapidly adapting their activities to tackle the impact of floods. Moreover, hydrometric information freely available to the public is quite limited, complicating the process of creating flood maps in most cases.

The main goal of this research is to produce flood maps considering climate change uncertainty as a decision support tool to suggest and assess three long-term strategies of flood-risk reduction in a small basin, which are: land-use reconfiguration, flood protection works and humanitarian aid.

Flood extent is estimated with computer model simulations performed by a hydrometeorological model of the basin coupled with a hydraulic model of the main river network.

The final outcome is the development of a tool that will help communities decide how to best manage risks associated with floods.


Sponsored by DAAD-BMZ


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Cesar Canon Barriga

Junior Researcher

camicase7(at)gmail.com, cbarriga(at)uni-bonn.de