Daniel Akoto Sarfo

Research themes
  • Science policy
  • Governance
  • Land use and food security
  • Renewable energy
  • Environmental and climate change
  • Ecosystem services
  • Sustainable use of biological resources
  • Biodiversity
Research countries
  • Ghana
Research topic
Bamboo agroforestry for household energy and food security in Ghana: An exploratory study
Working groups


Funding institutions

BMBF through the BiomassWeb Project

Research affiliation

International Network for Bamboo and Rattan (INBAR)

Thesis title

Bamboo agroforestry for household energy and food security in Ghana: An exploratory study.

Thesis abstract

In Ghana, the rising need for household energy from wood fuels and food needs among forest fringe communities is considered a major threat to forest resources conservation. Government and scientists believe that the alarming rates of deforestation and threats to important ecosystem services will not cease unless integrated land use systems that meet the food and fuelwood demands of households are in place. Bamboo agroforestry is currently considered a possibility in view of the significant socioeconomic and ecological benefits obtained in some parts of Asia. Meanwhile, it is unclear whether bamboo would have a high social acceptability to be planted on farmers’ field and the extent to which bamboo-based intercropping systems will sustain food production and household energy security. In addition, knowledge of possible ecological interactions between mixed bamboo and arable crop systems are limited but would be necessary to inform management decisions applicable to improving the productivity of bamboo agroforestry systems. Using questionnaire interviews, literature review and field experiments the study will explore the socioeconomic and ecological aspects of bamboo agroforestry and accentuate implications on its adoption potential and suitability as a land use system for household food security and fuelwood needs. The premise of the study fits into Ghana’s Growth and Poverty Reduction Strategy and falls within the overarching aim of Work Package 4.4 of the BiomassWeb project sponsored by the German government.

Doctoral research funded by

International Network for Bamboo and Rattan (INBAR, University of Energy and Natural Resources and BMBF

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Daniel Akoto Sarfo

Junior Researcher

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