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Map of the Volta River BasinGhana political map (1996)Burkina Faso political map (1996)
Population Density in the Volta BasinLand Cover in the Volta Basin AreaLand Cover Change from 1990 to 2000/2001
Digital Elevation ModelDigital Elevation Model
Volta Basin
Sensible Heat and Soil Moisture
Location of the Volta Basin on the African ContinentGLOWA Volta Research Sites in Ghana and Burkina FasoStudy sites in the Upper East Region, Ghana
(Volta Basin 2004)
Simulation of annual rainfall
(Volta Basin 2004)
Domestic water consumption
(Nicola Martin)
Spatial distribution of groundwater production
Volta Basin Map for PublicationsMean Onset of the Rainy Season
(Jung & Kunstmann)
Estimated sensible heat flux
Predicted Temperature Change
(Jung & Kunstmann 2007)
Predicted Precipitation Change
(Jung & Kunstmann 2007)
Predicted Surface Runoff Change
(Jung & Kunstmann 2007)
Satellite Image of the African Continent