Successful defenders: Two more PhD students of the Uzbekistan project defended their doctoral theses successfully at ZEF on May 15 2008.

Nodir Djanibekov from Uzbekistan defended his thesis on “A Micro-Economics Analysis of Farm Restructuring in the Khorezm Region, Uzbekistan”. His supervisor was Prof. Dr. Klaus Frohberg, his co-supervisor was PD Dr. Peter Wehrheim.

The topic of Clemens Scheer’s thesis from Germany was on “Biosphere-atmosphere-exchange of C and N trace gases and microbial N turnover processes in irrigated agricultural systems of the Aral Sea Basin, Uzbekistan“. His supervisor was PD Dr. Christopher Martius, his co-supervisor PD Dr. Rainer Wassmann.

Both received their degrees from the Faculty of Agriculture of the University of Bonn.

So far, 13 PhD students have finished their studies in the framework of the Uzbekistan project.