ZEF alumni - where are they heading for?

ZEF doctoral students on the road.

ZEF has around 350 alumni (January 2014) who work all over the world in international and national development organizations, with governments, or in research institutes and universities.


Regular surveys among ZEF alumni show that ZEF's Doctoral Studies Program is achieving its main goal: educating future decision-makers  for an international career in a development-oriented context.

A survey on ZEF alumni's careers showed that 70% of the graduates from developing and transition countries returned to their home countries to take up positions in the fields of research, teaching, administration, and governments. Nine percent of the alumni found jobs in international organizations like the World Bank, CGIAR centers or United Nations Organizations, whereas 2% found post-doc positions in a development-related context in Germany. Fifteen percent found a job in another OECD country.

A list of our Alumni you find at Staff -> Former Researchers

Further alumni networks

University of Bonn: www.alumni.uni-bonn.de
DAAD alumni: http://www.daad.de/alumni/en/index.html
Alumniportal Deutschland (APD): www.alumniportal-deutschland.org

ZEF database of development experts

Professional profiles of alumni of ZEF's Doctoral Studies Program, former ZEF researchers and fellows.


Dr. Günther Manske
Academic coordinator
of ZEF's doctoral studies program
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