Dr. Silke Tönsjost
(Academic Coordinator)

Max Voit
(Project Manager)


Upcoming Workshops

Introduction to meta-analysis
01 March 2022
Dr. Bibiana Betancur-Corredor

Past Workshops

Mapping Slum Development
in Africa

Dr. Olabisi S. Obaitor

Fieldwork in Multilingual

Mr. Oyewole S. Oginni

Gender & Development
Dr. Sundus Saleemi

Successful International
Project Management

Dr. Shilpi Saxena

Knowledge sources and
practices in agriculture

Dr. Andreas Mandler

Transdisciplinary Research
Processes and Science Eng.

Dr. Denise Matias

Field Experiments in
the Social Sciences

Dr. Hart N. Feuer

Fieldwork in Multilingual

Mr. Oyewole S. Oginni

Knowledge in Rural

Dr. Andreas Mandler

Digital Soil Mapping
using machine learning

Dr. Powell Mponela

70 Years of Disaster
Risk Studies

Dr. Jonatan Lassa

Meta-Analysis & systematic
literature review using R

Dr. Bibiana Betancur Corredor

Time Management
Dr. Daniel Callo-Concha

Publish or Perish
Dr. Marwa Shumo

Mathematical Modeling
Using R

Mr. Koissi Savi

Study Online

The project called Online Development Studies and Research Community (ODSRC) advances the teaching exchange between partner institutes in the Global North and South and integrates alumni into the teaching program.

ZEF/ BIGS-DR and the International Program for Agricultural Development Studies (IPADS) at the University of Tokyo conduct joint online lectures as part of their curricula.  Additionally, alumni share their experience with current students in Online-workshops.

The ODSRC- project was funded by DAAD IVAC.


Alumni and advanced doctoral students offer workshops to support students in their research and in their future career on a peer-to-peer level. The workshops are open to students and alumni from all participating partner institutes.

The next workshop series will start on 01. March 2022. it will cover the topic "Introduction to meta-analysis." Lecturer will be our BIGS-DR alumna Dr. Bibiana Betancur Corredor.

Contact us (maxvoit[at] in case you are affiliated with ZEF or its partner institutes and want to participate.

An interview with our alumna and ODSRC workshop lecturer Dr. Bibiana Betancur Corredor can be found in our alumni newsletter from 2021.

Online Study Modules

Eleven interactive, asynchronous courses produced in 2021 are the outcome of joint BIGS-DR and IPADS online lectures. Partners are welcome to contribute with their lectures to the study modules creating a vivid exchange. Universities and research institutes interested in cooperation are welcome to contact us. Online modules and workshops are only available for cooperation partners.

The following three modules are available on e-campus of the University of Bonn. Contact us (maxvoit[at] if you want to get access:

Module 1: Introduction to Development Research

Module 2: Social, Economic and Ecological systems

Module 3: Development research put into practice