Statistics and GIS

Depending on the discipline and department, certain knowledge of mathematics and statistics is a prerequisite for participating successfully in the disciplinary courses and conducting your doctoral research. BIGS-DR offers the following special courses:

Mathematics and Statistics

Lecturer: Guido Lüchters

Mandatoryfor ZEFb and ZEFc students. Advanced topics may be tutored or lectured on demand. Literature, scripts, programs and information:

Survey Planning and Conduction

Lecturer: Guido Lüchters

Mandatory for ZEFa and ZEFc students. Content includes causation and confounding, test and confidence (Neyman-Pearson/Fisher), types of surveys and studies, sample design and sample size planning, questionnaire design, working with a data set, introduction to SPSS. Scripts are available for download at:

Statistics for Economists

Lecturer: Guido Lüchters

Mandatory for ZEFb students, part of the ZEFb disciplinary course. Content includes experimental and observational design, evaluate data of planned sampling designs, random variables and probablity distributions, mathematical expectations, special probability distributions. Scripts are available for download at:

Tutorial on Statistics for Ecologists

Lecturer: Guido Lüchters

Mandatory for ZEFc students, part of the ZEFc course.


Lecturer: Guido Lüchters

Descriptive statistics including factor analysis and principle component analysis (PCA), inferential statistics (categorical analysis, ANOVA, ANCOVA, regression, logistic regression), experimental design (split plot, etc.).

Additional possible topics

Lecturer: Guido Lüchters

Impact analysis: e.g. Propensity score, Difference in Differences
Resampling methods: Bootstrap, Jackknife, and Simulation
Panel Data: Multilevel Data (mixed modelling)
Scripts are available for download at:

GIS and Remote Sensing

Introduction to Remote Sensing. The training is conducted by the Center for Remote Sensing (ZFL, Zentrum für Fernerkundung) of the University of Bonn, located in the ZEF building. Details about their courses are available at

Introduction to ArcGis

ArcView is part of the ZEFc course.