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Book lounch with Professor Holm Tiessen, Director of the Inter-American Institute for Global Change Research in Uruguay and ZEF Board member, on "Translating Science into Action". September 14, 2016. [more]

Workshop on "Civilizing Resource Investments and Extractive Industries: Societal Negotiations and the Role of Law". September 22-23, 2016. [register]

Final conference - FOODSECURE "Policies that matter". October 12, 2016. The Square, Brussels. [more]

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In focus: Insects - new sources of protein [download]
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ZEF again ranked among the world's leading Think Tanks
February 2017. In the 2016 Global Go To Think Tank Index Report of the University of Pennsylvania, ZEF was again ranked among the world's leading think tanks. [more]
Call open for 2017 GGCDS PhD-Course in Development Studies
January 2017. The Ghanaian-German Centre for Development Studies (GGCDS) offers seven PhD-Positions at the University of Ghana, starting in August 2017. Qualified persons can apply for a four-year full-time PhD Program in Development Studies as of August 2017. The deadline for applications is March 31, 2017. [more]
Food Monitor Launch at the International Green Week in Berlin
January 2017. The Food Monitor website was launched on Sunday, January 29, 2017. The Food Monitor is an early warning system providing near to real-time information about global market developments, food price volatility and global food supplies. [more]
Think Tanks appeal to G20 Ministers of Agriculture for new action toward ending hunger and sustainable agriculture
January 16, 2017. Research leaders coming together under the T20, a network of Think Tanks from the G20 countries, call for new policies for sustainable water and land use in order to achieve food security for all. In a policy brief prepared for the gathering of G20 Agriculture Ministers during the Green Week in Berlin, January 20-22, 2017, they stress that sustainable agriculture can only be achieved if land, water and energy are considered jointly in policies, not in isolation.[more]
ZEF's Annual Report 2015/2016 just published
December 2016. Our ZEF Annual Report highlights research findings of our main research themes and projects. [more]
Article in Science journal with ZEF contribution on Earth's "roadless areas"
December 2016. A new global map of roadless areas shows that the Earth’s surface is shattered by roads into more than 600,000 fragments. ZEF senior researcher Lisa Biber-Freudenberger contributed to the results. [more]
Chinese delegation at ZEF
November 2016. Prof. Dr. Eva Youkhana welcomed delegates from the Chinese Institute for International Studies (CIIS) exchange of expertise and discussions. [more]
Ghana’s Developing Petroleum Sector – Examining Two Sides of the Same Coin
October 2016. Development efforts reached a turning point when oil and gas offshores were discovered on Ghana’s west coast in 2007. In the words of President Mahama, petroleum is the ‘game changer’ for Ghana, which has faced several power crises in the past. [more]
Relative deprivation and occupational choices of rural youth in Africa
October 2016. Seventy percent of the youth in sub-Saharan Africa work in agriculture. A sizeable reduction in youth involvement in farming will have a detrimental impact on agricultural outputs. [more]
Novel restoration strategy of gold mining areas in Colombia
October 2016. Gold mining is considered an axis of development in Colombia. Yet, there is a common perception that the expansion of gold mining has environmental and health impacts, leads to competition over land and water, as well as to the loss of livelihood for farmers. [more]
NutriHAF: Nutrition-sensitive agriculture in Ethiopian biosphere hotspots
October 2016. Fruits and vegetables are significant for a healthy and balanced diet. Agricultural policies and practices should therefore become more ‘nutrition-sensitive’. [more]
Insects meet an increasing demand for alternative animal proteins
October 2016. Scholars project an exponential rise in future demand for animal protein. This demand is currently met by the constant expansion of intensive livestock production. [more]
New insights into the Ganges river basin
October 2016. New book presents an overview of the challenges facing the critically important Ganges river as a water resource for 500 million people. [more]

NutriHAF: Workshop with partners from Ethiopia and Madagascar
September 2016. On September 22-23, a group of researchers from Ethiopia and Madagascar attended at a workshop on participatory and gender-sensitive research. [more]
ZEF Researchers awarded at the 5th African Association of Agricultural Economists (5th AAAE) in Ethiopia
September 2016. ZEF senior researchers Justice Tambo and Oliver Kirui were awarded for their papers during the 5th AAAE at the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. [more]

GEWISOLA 2016: ZEF senior researcher won Best Presentation Award
September 2016. Jan Brockhaus won GEWISOLA's "Best Presentation Award" for his paper presentation on "What Drives India's Rice Stocks? Empirical Evidence". [more]

ZEF participated at the Forth Green Growth Knowledge Platform Annual Conference 2016

Josef G. Knoll European Science Award 2016 for ZEF alumnus Abu Hayat Md. Saiful Islam
September 2016. Abu Hayat Md. Saiful Islam (ZEF alumnus from Bangladesh) receives Josef G. Knoll European Science Award 2016 for his dissertation on the impacts of technological innovation on the poor. [more]

Socio-hydrological interactions in the Himalayan region. By Prof. Marcus Nüsser
Bonn Water Lecture at ZEF, January 30, 2017. [more]

Research Seminar and Discussion on Sustainable Energy Access in remote rural areas in developing countries. By Alisher Mirzabaev, Joachim von Braun and Dr. Jörg Peters
ZEF Public Lecture. January 26, 2017 [more]
ZEF @Dies Academicus on One Health – integrative Gesundheitsanalyse an der Schnittstelle Mensch-Tier-Umwelt. By Dr. Walter Bruchhausen and  Timo Falkenberg
Public event. December 7, 2016. [more]
Migration and Development. With European Development Research Network.
Workshop. December 5, 2016. [more]
Migration from Latin America to Spain. By Eva Youkhana.
Public Lecture with VHS. November 14, 2016 [more]
Book Presentation: A Rock Between Hard Places: Afghanistan as an Arena of Regional Insecurity. By Dr. Kristian Berg Harpviken.
Public Lecture. November 2, 2016 [more]
ZEF at UN Day 2016
Public event. October 29, 2016 [more]

FOODSECURE final conference - "Policies that matter"
Conference. October 12, 2016 [more]
Workshop: Civilizing Resource Investments and Extractive Industries. By Wolfram Laube.  
ZEF Public Lecture. September 22 - September 23, 2016 [more]
Water Lecture on Extractivism and the (mis-)management of water resources: Examples from Brazil. By Gustavo Tostes Gazzinelli.   
Bonn Water Lecture at ZEF. September 20, 2016. [more]
Translating science into action. By Prof. Holm Tiessen
Public Lecture. September 14, 2016 [more]
RLC Public Talk on Human Rights and the Empowerment for Change. By Dr. Anwar Fazal, and Glorene A. Das.  
Public Lecture. September 5, 2016 [more]


"Das Geschäft mit dem Hunger - Frühwarnsystem gegen Ernährungskrisen"
In: Taz, 07. February 2017 [more]
"Grün. gelb, rot - Ampel warnt vor Knappheit" - Artikel zum Food Monitor
In: Nachrichtenportal Rhein-Neckar, 06. February 2017 [more]
"Geschäfte mit dem Hunger" - Artikel zum Food Monitor
In: General-Anzeiger, 03. February 2017 [more]
Investitionen mit Hebeleffekt
In: 2030/Welt ohne Hunger/Magazin/Ausgabe 1 [more]
"Gesetze oder Märkte sollen Wasser sparen" - ein Bericht zum Welt-Ernährungsgipfel in Berlin in: Tagesspiegel, 22. January 2017 [more]
Kleinbauern in Afrika“
In: Mobroweb.de, Milch-Marketing, 02. January 2017 [more]
Bioeconomy Council recommends focus areas for research strategy
in: Bioökonmierat, 15. December, 2016 [more]
Abholzung geht weiter”
ZEFc Junior Researcher Johannes Schielein in talks with Christoph König of SWR2 on continuing deforestation in Brazil
In: SWR” Radio, 09. December 2016 [more]
Das Bundesforschungsministerium fördert ein Projekt unter Federführung der Uni Bonn mit 2,9 Millionen Euro
Strive Projekt von Jun. Prof. Jan Börner
In: Deutsche Gesellschaft für Züchtungskunde e.V., 25. October 2016 [more]
Es geht nicht nur um Fluchtursachen“ - Joachim von Braun im Gespräch mit Nana Brink
In: Deutschlandradio Kultur, 11. October 2016 [more]
Welche Konsequenzen hat die biobasierte Wirtschaft?
In: www.vbio.de, General-Anzeiger, 11. October 2016 [more]
"Ein Schiff wird kommen" - Der Aralsee regeniert sich
In: Süddeutsche.de, 03. September 2016 [more]


(since December 2015)
Policies for Food Security in India: An Assessment of Current Policies and Re­form Options. By Marta Kozicka (Poland) on August 31, 2016.
Agricultural transformation and indig­enous communities: Case studies from Southern India. By Divya Swaminathan (India) on August 26,2016.


ZEF Working Papers

153 Smallholder Integration into the Global Shea Nut Commodity Chain in Northern Ghana. Laube, W., Awo, M. & E. Derbile. 2017. [download]
152 Harvesting Solar Power in India. Gulati, A., Manchanda, S. and R. Kacker. 2016. [download]
151 Natural Disasters and Human Mobility. Mbaye, L.M. and K.F. Zimmermann. 2016. [download]
150 The experience and impact of urban floods and pollution in Ebo Town, Greater Banjul Area, in The Gambia. Kavegue, A. and I. Eguavoen. 2016. [download]
You can find all ZEF Working Papers here.


ZEF Discussion Papers

231 Migration when social preferences are ordinal: Steady state population distribution, and social welfare. Stark, O. 2017.  [download]
230 On the train to brain gain in rural China. Zhang, Y. and J.A. Matz. 2017. [download]
229 Evaluating the Impacts of Traditional Biomass Energy Use on Agricultural Production in Sichuan, China. Chen, Q. and A. Mirzabaev. 2016. [download]
228 Social Interactions and Aspirations Formation in Rural Ethiopia. Mekonnen, D.A. 2016. [download]
227 Consensus income distribution. Stark, O., Falniowski, F. and M. Jakubek. 2016. [download]
226 Demographic Dynamics and Long-Run Development: Insights for the Secular Stagnation Debate. Cervellati, M., Sunde, U. and K.F. Zimmermann. 2016. [download]
225 Assessing nexus effects of energy use in rural areas: the case of an inter- and intra-household model for Uttar Pradesh, India. Djanibekov, U. and V. Gaur. 2016. [download]
224 Will a government find it financially easier to neutralize a looming protest if more groups are involved? Stark, O. and E. Zawojska. 2016. [download]
223 On the use of agricultural system models for exploring technological innovations across scales in Africa: A critical review. Rötter, R.P., Sehomi, F.L., Höhn, J.G., Niemi, J.K. and M. van den Berg. 2016. [download]

You can find all ZEF Discussion Papers here.


Further ZEF publications

WASH' Nutrition - practical guidebook on increasing nutritional impact through integration of WASH and nutrition programmes. Mohammad Monirul Hasan. 2017. [download]

Ex-ante technology assessment for inclusive poverty reduction and sustainable productivity growth in agriculture (TIGA): A manual. Malek Mohammad Abdul and Franz Gatzweiler. 2016. [download]


Books and peer-reviewed journal articles

Amoo-Adare E. A. 2017. Teaching to Transgress: Crossroads Perspective and Adventures in (?)-Disciplinarity. In: Katja Mielke and Anna-Katharina Hornidge (eds.): Area Studies at the Crossroads: Knowledge Production after the Mobility Turn. Palgrave Macmillan. [more]
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Further Information
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Further Information
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Further Information
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