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Youkhana, Eva (ed.) Border Transgression. Mobility and Mobilization in Crisis. Bonn University Press, 197pp.
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ZEF activities at and around the COP23
November 6-17, 2017. ZEF organized a series of events on the occasion of the COP23 in Bonn. Find more information, posts, photos and video footage about our main events on our Website, on ZEF's Facebook Site.and ZEF's Twitter account.

It's getting hot in here: Biodiversity and ecosystems in climate change. Luncheon event series @ ZEF
Nov. 6, 2017. Biodiversity and Protected Areas under Climate Change [more]
Nov. 7, 2017. Ecosystems Services and Climate Change [more]
Nov. 8, 2017. Land Degradation and Climate Change [more]
Nov. 9, 2017. Ecosystem-based Adaptation Planning and Implementation [more]
Nov. 10, 2017. Ecosystem-based Adaptation Standards, Criteria, and Linkages [more]

Science slam: Research on climate and development in West and East Africa. Bonn Zone, German Pavilion. Nov. 9, 2017. [more]

Too big to fail: The Amazonia and solutions towards sustainable development. ZEF, Nov. 13, 2017. [more]

World Café in the  Climate research made in West and Southern Africa. Co-organized by WASCAL, SASSCAL and ZEF. [more]

Find more information about all events at


Watch the video clip about the World Café - COP23 here




ZEF member of Bonn Alliance for Sustainability Research
Nov. 15, 2017. Under the lead of Bonn University a new Alliance for Sustainability Research was founded at the premises of the COP23's Bonn Zone in Bonn. Next to Bonn University and its Institutes members are the Bonn International Conversion Center (BICC), the German Development Institute (DIE) as well as the Hochschule Bonn-Rhein-Sieg. More information (in German) here.


End hunger: An issue for the agricultural fair agritechnica in Hannover
Nov. 14, 2017. ZEF-Director Joachim von Braun, Federal Minister for Economic Cooperation and Development Gerd Müller and President of the German Agriculture Association Carl Bartmer talked about how sustainable agriculture can contribute to ending hunger. [more]


Our planet, our health, our responsibility
Nov. 12, 2017. The declaration Our Planet, our Health, our Responsibility about the consequences of climate change on people's and planetary health was released by the Pontifical Academy of Sciences in Rome (presided by ZEF-Director Joachim von Braun). [more]


ZEF-Director Joachim von Braun gives key note at EU Conference FOOD2030
October 16, 2017. ZEF- Director Joachim von Braun gave a presentation at the FOOD2030 Conference on "Harnessing research and innovation for FOOD2030: A science policy dialogue", held by the European Commission. [more]


Learn lessons from success to beat malnutrition in Africa, advise experts
The battle against malnutrition in Africa can be won, according to a new report launched by the Malabo Montpellier Panel at the Africa Green Revolution Forum in Cote d’Ivoire in September 2017. ZEF-director Joachim von Braun is co-chair of the Panel. [more]




ZEF activities at and around the COP23
see at [more]


ZEF at UN Day 2017
October 14. ZEF and the Right Livelihood College Campus Bonn (RLC) presented their research and activities at this year's United Nations Day in Bonn. [more]

Opening Photo exhibition "Inside India. Impressions and insights from field research".

September 21 at ZEF. [more]


Tropentag: Workshop on Implementation of SDGs.
September, 19. Workshop on “Implementation of Sustainable Development Goals” under the umbrella of Tropentag at Bonn University. [more]

Public lecture organized by the Right Livelihood College Campus Bonn (RLC): Human Rights and Environmental Governance: From Marginalization to Empowerment
September 5, 2017. Experts discussed the nexus between economic development, ecological balance, and rural livelihoods of marginalized people in Latin America, Africa and Asia. [more]

Bonn Water Lecture with Prof. Dr. Petra Döll,Institute of Physical Geography, Goethe University Frankfurt) on Using cartograms to visualize water resources as well as climate change risks and responsibilities on November 23. [more]




ZEF in the PRESS


For all press coverage visit our website ZEF in the press


since September 2017)


Alisher Ergashev (Uzbekistan). Analysis of fruit and vegetable supply, demand, diet quality and nutrition in Uzbekistan. December 5, 2017.

Hugo Rosa da Conceicao (Brazil). Determinants of incentive-based forest governance in the Amazon: Evidence from Ecuador, Peru and Brazil.
November 28, 2017.

Minjung Cho (South Korea). Institutional Assessment of Health Research Capacity in Uzbekistan: Research Productivity, Organizational Capacity, and Research use in Policy. November 9, 2017.

Lai Wan Teng (Malaysia). We come. We work. We relate. The migrant labourers in Penang. October 10, 2017.

Daniel Alejandro Rozas Vasquez (Chile). Mainstreaming the ecosystem services approach in strategic environmental assessment of spatial planning in Chile. October 4, 2017.

Denise Matias (The Philippines). Sustainability of community forestry enterprises: indigenous wild honey gathering in the UNESCO Man and Biosphere Reserve Palawan, Philippines. September 15, 2017.




ZEF Policy Briefs

Zita Maria Lenfert and Jan Börner. 2017. Soybean certification and tropical deforestation in Brazil: how to move towards zero-net deforestation. (ZEF Policy Brief 28) Download (English) 


PARI. 2017. Smallholder agriculture mechanization in Africa. (PARI Policy Brief 5) Download (English)

PARI. 2017. Improving Employment Prospects for Africa’s Rural Youth (PARI Policy Brief 6) Download (English)

Download (French)

You can find all ZEF Policy Briefs here


ZEF Working Papers


162 Addressing Transboundary Cooperation in the Eastern Nile through the Water-Energy-Food Nexus. Berga, H., Ringler, C., Bryan, E., El Didi, H. & S. Elnasikh. 2017.
(ZEF Working Paper 162) [Download]


161 Potential of Agroforestry for Food and Nutrition Security of Small-scale Farming Households. Jemal, O.M. and D. Callo-Concha. 2017.
(ZEF Working Paper 161) [Download]


160 The Wheat Sector in Ethiopia: Current Status and Key Challenges for Future Value Chain Development. Gebreselassie, S., Haile, M.G. and M. Kalkuhl. 2017.
(ZEF Working Paper 160) [Download]


159 Innovations spearheading the next transformations in India‘s agriculture. Ganguly, K., Gulati, A. and J. von Braun. 2017.
(ZEF Working Paper 159) [Download]


158 The agricultural extension system in Ethiopia: operational setup, challenges and opportunities. Leta, G., Kelboro, G., Stellmacher, T. and A.-K. Hornidge. 2017.
(ZEF Working Paper 158) [Download]


157 Potentials of Waste and Wastewater Resources Recovery and Re-use (RRR) Options for Improving Water, Energy and Nutrition Security. Bekchanov, M. 2017.
(ZEF Working Paper 157) [Download]


156 Buying green and social from abroad: Are biomass-focused voluntary sustainability standards useful for European public procurement? Beuchelt, T. 2017.
(ZEF Working Paper 156) [Download]


156 Expanding Youth Employment in the Arab Region and Africa. von Braun, J. and C. Kofol. 2017.
(ZEF Working Paper 155) [Download]

You can find all ZEF Working Papers here.

ZEF Discussion Papers

246 Media Coverage and Food Commodities: Agricultural Futures Prices and Volatility Effects. Almanzar, M. and M. Torero. 2017.(ZEF Discussion Paper 246) [Download]


245 Can social safety nets protect public health? The effect of India’s workfare and foodgrain subsidy programmes on anaemia. Narayanan, S., Gerber, N. Rathore U. and K. Naraparaju. 2017.
(ZEF Discussion Paper 245) [Download]


244 An adverse social welfare consequence of a rich-to-poor income transfer: A relative deprivation approach. Stark, O., Kosiorowski, G. and M. Jakubek. 2017.
(ZEF Discussion Paper 244) [Download] [PDF | 1.14MB]


243 A class of proximity-sensitive measures of relative deprivation. Stark, O., Bielawski, J. and F. Falniowski. 2017.
(ZEF Discussion Paper 243) [Download] [PDF | 540.57KB]


242 Food Price Spikes and Volatility in Local Food Markets in Nigeria. Shittu, A.M., Akerele, D. and M. Haile. 2017.
(ZEF Discussion Paper 242) [Download] [PDF | 1.38MB]


241 Indian food and welfare schemes: Scope for digitization towards cash transfers. Saini, S., Sharma, S., Gulati, A., Hussain, S. and J. von Braun. 2017.
(ZEF Discussion Paper 241) [Download] [PDF | 1.36MB]

You can find all ZEF Discussion Papers here.

Books and peer-reviewed journal articles


Akhtar F, U.K. Awan, B. Tischbein, U.W. Liaqat. 2017. A phenology based geo-informatics approach to map land use and land cover (2003-2013) by spatial segregation of large heterogenic river basins. Applied Geography, 88: 48-61. Further Information


Akhtar F., U.K. Awan, B. Tischbein, U.W. Liaqat. 2017. A phenology based geo-informatics approach to map land use and land cover (2003-2013) by spatial segregation of large heterogenic river basins. Applied Geography, 88: 48-61. Further Information


Amoo-Adare E. A. 2017. Teaching to Transgress: Crossroads Perspective and Adventures in (?)-Disciplinarity. In: Katja Mielke and Anna-Katharina Hornidge (eds.): Area Studies at the Crossroads: Knowledge Production after the Mobility Turn. Palgrave Macmillan. Further Information

Assa M., Gebremariam, G. and Mapemba, L.. 2017. A Cross-region Study: Climate Change Adaptation in Malawi’s Agro-based Systems. In: Zinyengere, N., Theodory, T., Gebreyes, M., and Speranza, C. (eds.): Multiple Perspectives on Climate Change and Agriculture in Africa. 39-54.


Baumüller, H. 2017. Towards Smart Farming? Mobile Technology Trends and their Potential for Developing Country Agriculture. In: K.E. Skouby, I. Williams and A. Gyamfi (eds.): Handbook for ICT in developing countries: 5G perspectives. River Publishers. 191-201.


Bekchanov M., Djanibekov N., J. Lamers (in press). 2017. Water in Central Asia: a cross-cutting management issue. In: Squires V., L. Qi (eds.): Sustainable Land Management in Greater Central Asia: An Integrated and Regional Perspective. Springer. Further Information


Beuchelt, T.D., Mohr, A. and R. Schneider. 2017. The human Right to Food and sustainable soil management: linking voluntary agricultural sustainability standards with food security. In: Ginzky, H., Heuser, I., Tianbao Qin, Ruppel, O. and P. Wegerdt (eds.): International Yearbook on Soil Law and Policy. Spinger. 237-262. Review

Saini, Rajinder K. et al. Protecting cows in small holder farms in East Africa from tsetse flies by mimicking the odor profile of a non-host bovid
Further Information

You can find all ZEF peer-reviewed journal articles here.

All books are listed here.

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