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13. Hamburger Gespräche mit ZEF Direktor Joachim von Braun

November 2, 2016


ZEF and PARI project at the G20 conference in Berlin
April 27, 2017.

 ZEF and PARI are at the G20 conference ONE WORLD – No Hunger. Future of the rural world in Berlin, April 27-28, 2017. The conference's focus is on Innovation, Youth, Employment. Around 10 ZEF doctoral students attend the conference.

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New expert panel will join efforts to accelerate agricultural growth and cut hunger in Africa
April 26, 2017.

 ZEF-Director Joachim von Braun member of newly founded Malabo Montpellier Panel, which consists of leading agriculture and food security experts from Africa and Europe to support efforts by African countries to sustain and accelerate the current pace of growth in order to achieve the goals set by the African Union of sharply reducing poverty and ending hunger within the next decade.

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