Emily Injete Amondo

Research themes
  • Environmental and climate change
  • Gender
  • New Technologies
  • Health
Research countries
  • Kenya
  • Uganda
  • Zambia


Amondo, E.I., Nshakira‑Rukundo, E and Mirzabaev, A.  2023.  The effect of extreme weather events on child nutrition and health.  Food security, . (Open Access)   Further Information


Amondo, E.  2022.  Health and welfare implications of climate variability Evidence from Rural Uganda.  Doctoral Thesis at  ZEF. 
Amondo, E. I., Kirui, O and Mirzabaev, A.  2022.  Health gender gap in Uganda: do weather effects and water play a role?.  International Journal for Equity in Health, 21 (1)   . (Open Access)   Further Information


Amondo E., F. Simtowe, D. B. Rahut and O. Erenstein.  2019.  Productivity and production risk effects of adopting drought-tolerant maize varieties in Zambia.  International Journal of Climate Change Strategies and Management, . (Open Access)   Further Information
Franklin Simtowe, Emily Amondo, Paswel Marenya, Dil Rahut, Kai Sonder and Olaf Erenstein.  2019.  Impacts of drought-tolerant maize varieties on productivity, risk, and resource use: Evidence from Uganda.  Land Use Policy, 88   : 10   . (Open Access)  
Simtowe, F., Marenya, P., Amondo, E., Worku, M., Rahut, D., Erenstein, O.  2019.  Heterogeneous seed access and information exposure: implications for the adoption of drought tolerant maize varieties in Uganda.  Agricultural and Food Economics, 7(1)   . (Open Access)  

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Emily Injete Amondo

Senior Researcher

Economic and Technological Change