Dr. Malek Mohammad Abdul

Research themes
  • Renewable energy
  • Biodiversity
  • Human Rights
  • Land, water, food and energy
Research countries
  • Bangladesh
Research projects

• Technology (ex-ante) assessment and farm household segmentation for inclusive poverty reduction and sustainable growth in agriculture (TIGA) project funded by BMGF.

• AG-WATSAN Nexus Research Project funded by BMGF.

• Impact evaluation of credit programs for tenant farmers (Sharecroppers development programme) funding from GDN/3ie.

Working groups

Technology (ex-ante) assessment and farm household segmentation for inclusive poverty reduction and sustainable growth in agriculture (TIGA)

Additional information

Senior Research Fellow, Research and Evaluation Division (RED), BRAC, Dhaka

Professional experience
Dr. Mohammad Abdul Malek is currently a Senior/Postdoctoral Researcher at Center for Development Research (ZEF), Bonn University, Bonn and also a Senior Research Fellow at Research and Evaluation Division (RED), BRAC, Dhaka. He did his PhD on Rural Economics from the United Graduate School of Agricultural Sciences, Tottori University, Japan September 2010. Prior he learnt Rural Economics and Economics from Yamaguchi University, Japan and University of Dhaka, Bangladesh respectively. During his 12 years long career, he also worked for Bangladesh Academy for Rural Development (BARD), Comilla for about four and a half years and Institute of Microfinance (InM), International Rice Research Institute (IRRI) and the Centre for Policy Dialogue (CPD) based in Dhaka for the shorter durations. Dr. Malek published 6 (six) academic papers at peer reviewed journals, presented researches at several International/national conferences, and so on. While his specialization includes rural economics, rural development projects, applied micro-econometrics, etc., recent research interests are experimental economics and program evaluation: ex-ante and ex-post in the field of food security and agricultural technology for the marginalized poor, rural institutions, WATSAN, rural education, micro-finance and economic empowerment of the rural female youth, etc.

-PhD (Rural Econ.), The United Graduate School of Agricultural Sciences, Tottori University, Japan in 2010.

-MAg (Rural Economics), Yamaguchi University, Japan in 2007.

-MSS (Econ), University of Dhaka in 2000.

-BSS (Honors) in Economics, University of Dhaka in 1999.

Funding institutions

Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

Research affiliation

• Accelerating Rice Productivity Growth in Bangladesh (ARPGB): A field experiment with SRI technology in Bangladesh working as co-investigator with Dr. Asadul Islam, Dr. Sisira Jayasuriya, Dr. Chirstopher B Barrett, Dr. Marcel Fafchamps under Moansh-BRAC collaboration with IGC funding.

• Improving educational outcomes of female and disadvantaged primary school students: randomized experiments to evaluate efficacy of greater parental involvement and supplementary teaching in Bangladesh and evaluation of BRAC Chatrabondhu (Friends of students). Working as co-investigator with Dr Asadul Islam under Moansh- BRAC collaboration with AUSAID funding.

• Leveraging Agriculture for Nutrition in South Asia (LANSA) working as Co-investigator with Dr. Mahabub Hossain and Ms. Barnali Charabarti at BRAC RED under DFID funded Research Program Consortium.


Hossain M, Jaim WMH, Malek MA, Hossain M, Das NC..  2014.  Impact Assessment of Credit Programs for the tenant farmers: Baseline report 2012.  Further Information
Hossain M, Malek MA and Das NC.  2014.  Tenant Farmers’ Access to Credit and Extension Services: BRAC Tenant Farmer Development Project In Bangladesh..  Further Information


Malek MA, Hossain MA, Saha R and Gatzweiler, FW.  2013.  Mapping marginality hotspots and agricultural potentials in Bangladesh..  Further Information


Kamruzzaman M, Hossain NZ, Bhattacharjee A, Akter A, Raza W, Malek MA and Das NC.  2012.  Social Network and Financial Literacy among Rural Adolescent Girls: Qualitative Assessment of BRAC’s SoFEA Programme..  Download [PDF | 227.57KB]
Download (english) [PDF | 227.57KB]
Download (german) [PDF | 227.57KB]
Further Information


Malek MA and Hossain M.  2011.  • Exclusion and drop out in school participation in Bangladesh: Insights from repeat household surveys. 


Malek MA and Usami K.  2010.  Do the Non-farm Incomes really matter for Poverty among Small Households in Rural Bangladesh? A Case of Advanced Villages.  Journal of Development and Agricultural Economics. Vol. 2(7):250–267, , . Download [PDF]
Download (english) [PDF]
Download (german) [PDF]
Further Information


Kashem MM, Guha RK and Malek MA.  2009.  Micro Enterprises in Rural Bangladesh: Entrepreneurial Process, Problems and Prospects..  Journal of Rural Development, 36(1), January 2009. , .
Malek MA and Usami K.  2009.  Determinants of Non-farm Employment in Rural Bangladesh: A Case of Advanced Villages..  Journal of Bangladesh Studies. 11(2): 20-34, .
Malek MA and Usami K.  2009.  Determinants of Non-farm Income Diversification in Developed Villages of Bangladesh: A Case of Comilla Sadar Upazila..  American Journal of Economics and Business Administration. 1 (2): 141-149, 2009. , . Download [PDF | 105.70KB]
Download (english) [PDF | 105.70KB]
Download (german) [PDF | 105.70KB]
Further Information
Malek MA and Usami K.  2009.  Effects of Non-farm Employments on Poverty among Small Households in Developed Villages of Bangladesh.  Download [PDF | 261.09KB]
Download (english) [PDF | 261.09KB]
Download (german) [PDF | 261.09KB]
Further Information


Malek MA and Usami K.  2007.  ). State of Micro-enterprises in Rural Bangladesh: A Case in Comilla Sadar Upazila..  Journal of Rural Problems. 43 (1): 228-233, June 2007., . Further Information


Roy MK and Malek MA.  2002.  Human Development through Building Social Capital in Rural Areas: Some Experiences..  Journal of Rural Development and Administration, 34, (1-4): 37-59, December 2002., .

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Malek Mohammad Abdul

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ZEF B: Department of Economic and Technological Change

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