Dr. Marco Elias Cisneros Tersitsch

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Research Associate

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Institute for Food and Resource Economics



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Agricultural Economist

Degrees / expertise

Diploma in Economics (Volkswirtschaftslehre), University of Freiburg (2011)

Supervisors of
doctoral work


Cisneros Tersitsch, M. 2017. Fiscal audits, Fines and Land Registration: The Impact of Federal Policies on Deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon. Doctoral Thesis at Faculty of Agriculture, Center for Development Research, University of Bonn. Further Information

Research themes
  • Governance
  • Development Politics
  • New Technologies
Research countries
  • Brazil
  • Peru
Research projects

Shaping Environmental Policies for Sustainable Tropical Forest Bioeconomies


Diploma in Economics (Volkswirtschaftslehre), University of Freiburg (2011)

Funding institutions

Robert Bosch Foundation

Cooperation partners

Amazonas Sustainable Foundation (FAS)

Amazon Environmental Research Institute (IPAM)

Supervisors of
doctoral work

Marco Elias Cisneros Tersitsch

Former Junior Researcher

Former Department:
ZEF B: Department of Economic and Technological Change