Christian Petersheim

Research themes
  • Agriculture, land use, climate change
Research countries
  • Mexico
Research projects

Doctoral Studies Support Program on Environmental Peace-Building and Development in Colombia (DSSP, DAAD Bilateral SDG Graduate School)

Ghanaian-German Center for Development Studies (GGCDS, DAAD Centre of African Excellence)

West African Center for Sustainable Rural Transformation (WAC-SRT, DAAD Centre of African Excellence)


Avilés Irahola, D., A. Mora-Motta, A. Barbosa Pereira, L. Bharati, L. Biber-Freudenberger, C. Petersheim, M. R. Quispe-Zuniga, C. B. Schmitt, E. Youkhana.  2022.  Integrating scientific and local knowledge to address environmental conflicts: the role of academia.  Human Ecology, 2022   : 1-13   . (Open Access)   Further Information


Gunsenheimer, Antje and Petersheim, Christian.  2019.  Wirtschaftsstrategien indigener Gemeinschaften in Sonora und Campeche, Mexiko.  In: Dürr, Eveline and Kammler, Henry (eds.): Handbuch zur Einführung in die Ethnologie Mesoamerikas. Münster: Waxmann.   201-218. 


Petersheim, Christian.  2018.  Mexico’s Federal Forestry Legislation: Curse or Blessing for Sustainable Resource Management by Forest Ejidos in the State of Campeche?.  Gestión y Ambiente 21.2Supl , 21.2Supl   : 95-99   . (Open Access)   Further Information

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Christian Petersheim

Senior Researcher


Department :
ZEF A: Department of Political and Cultural Change