Dr. Roberto Cantoni

Research projects

From 2011 to 2014, I have been a member of the ERC-funded TEUS (The Earth Under Surveillance) Project, led by Dr. Simone Turchetti (https://cordis.europa.eu/project/rcn/92219_en.html).

Since April 2018, I have been a member of the ERA4CS-funded CIREG Project.

Working groups

Sub-project leader for CIREG's (Climate information for integrated renewable electricity generation) Work Package 5 (Local case studies & demonstrator)


In the winter semester 2017-18, I have taught the following courses at the University of Augsburg:

- Introduction to science and technology studies (BA)

- Science controversies (BA)

- The construction of technoscientific futures (MA)

Additional Information:

I am a member of the editorial board of H-Sci-Med-Tech, and of Tensions of Europe's Early Careen Scholars network.

I have reviewed articles for the following reviews: Technology and Culture; Afrique contemporaine; The Extractive Industry and Society; Emulations; Lectures anthropologiques

Professional experience

CERN, internship at the institutional press office (2010)


PhD in History of Science, Technology, and Medicine (University of Manchester)

Master in Global Energy Governance and Transition (CIFE, Nice/Berlin)

Master in Science Communication (SISSA-ISAS, Trieste)

Master 2 in Logic, Philosophy, History and Sociology of Science (université Paris 7, Paris)

MSc in Physics (Università di Napoli 'Federico II')

Diploma in Evolution of Language and Cognition Sciences (University of Edinburgh)

Research affiliation

Besides my position at ZEF, I am an associate researcher at the Groupe de sociologie pragmatique et réflexive (GSPR) at EHESS Paris


Cantoni R., and K. E. Rignall.  2019.  Kingdom of the sun: a critical, multiscalar analysis of Morocco’s solar energy strategy.  Energy Research & Social Science, 51   : 20-31   . Further Information


Cantoni R., A. Lis, and A. Stasik.  2018.  Creating and debating energy citizenship: the case of Poland’s shale gas.  In: Anna Szolucha (eds.): Energy, Resource Extraction and Society. Impacts and Contested Futures. Routledge.   53-69. 
Cantoni R., M.L. Klaes, S. Lackerbauer, C. Foltyn and R. Keller.  2018.  Shale tales: a comparative study of the shale gas promise in France and Poland.  The Extractive Industries and Society, 5 (4)   : TBD   . Further Information
Cantoni, R.  2018.  Second Galicia? Poland’s shale gas affair through historical lenses.  The Geological Society of London, Special Publication, "History of the European Oil and Gas Industry", 465   : 201-217   .
Cantoni, R., and M. Musso (eds.).  2018.  L’énergie en Afrique : les faits et les chiffres.  Afrique contemporaine, 261-262   : 9-23   . Further Information


Cantoni, R.  2017.  What's in a pipe? NATO’s Confrontation on the 1962 Large-Diameter Pipe Embargo.  Technology and Culture, 58 (1)   : 67-96   .
Cantoni, R.  2017.  Oil Exploration, Diplomacy and Security in the Early Cold War. The Enemy Underground.  Routledge. London. Review
Cantoni, R.  2017.  Debates at NATO and the EEC in Response to the Soviet “Oil Offensive” in the Early 1960s.  In: Jeronim Perovic (eds.): Cold War Energy: A Transnational History of Soviet Oil and Gas. Palgrave Macmillan.   317-30. 


Cantoni, R.  2016.  The Enemy Underground: Geostrategic Intelligence and the War in Algeria.  History and Technology , 32 (1)   : 33-69   .


Cantoni, R.  2015.  The waste crisis in Campania, South Italy: a historical perspective on an epidemiological controversy.  Endeavour, 40 (2)   : 102-13   .
Cantoni, R.  2015.  Breach of faith? Italian-Soviet Cold War trading and ENI's 'international oil scandal'.  Quaestio Rossica, 4   : 180-98   .


Cantoni, R., and L. Veneer.  2014.  Underwater and Underground: Gatekeeping Oil Exploration during the Cold War.  In: S. Turchetti and P. Roberts (eds.): The Surveillance Imperative: The Rise of the Geosciences during the Cold War. Palgrave Macmillan.   45-66. 


Hedlund, Joel*, Roberto Cantoni*, Margareta Baltscheffsky, Herrick Baltscheffsky, and Bengt Persson.  2006.  Analysis of ancient sequence motifs in the H+-PPase family.  FEBS Letters, 273   : 5183-93   .


Additionals, Curriculum Vitae
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Roberto Cantoni

Associated Researcher

Cultural and Political Change


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