Dr. Chiara Kofol

Research themes
  • Governance and conflict
  • Migration, mobility and urbanization
Research countries
  • Afghanistan
  • Indonesia
  • Tanzania
  • Pakistan

PhD course (ZEF): Econometrics

MSc course (University of Bonn): Development Economics

Tutorship of doctoral candidates

Pablo Evia, Sundus Saleemi, Alfariany Milati Fatimah


Ph.D Economics, Royal Holloway University of London

M.Sc in Economics, University College London

M.Sc. Economics and Business, University of Genoa (with distinction)

B.Sc. Economics and Business, University of Genoa (with first class honours)


C. Kofol and Maryam Naghsh Nejad.  2017.  Child Labor and the Arrival of Refugees: Evidence from Tanzania (submitted).  Download [PDF | 292.06KB]
Von Braun J. and Kofol C..  2017.  Expanding Youth Employment in the Arab Region and Africa.  Download [PDF | 3.50MB]


Kofol C. and Ciarli T..  2016.  Child Labour and Conflict: Evidence from Afghanistan (submitted).  Download [PDF | 865.69KB]


Ciarli T., C: Kofol; C. Menon.  2015.  Why a positive relation between entrepreneurship and conflict may not be good news.  Further Information
Ciarli T., C. Kofol, C. Menon.  2015.  Business as Unusual. An Explanation of the Increase of Private Economic Activity in High-Conflict Areas in Afghanistan.  Download [PDF | 2.59MB]

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Chiara Kofol

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