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Book chapters

Bekchanov M., Djanibekov N., J. Lamers (in press). 2017. Water in Central Asia: a cross-cutting management issue. In: Squires V., L. Qi (eds.): Sustainable Land Management in Greater Central Asia: An Integrated and Regional Perspective. Springer. Further Information

Bhaduri A., M. Bekchanov. 2017. Exploring benefits and scope of cooperation in transboundary water sharing in Amu Darya River Basin. In: Dinar A., Y. Tsur (eds.): Management of Transboundary Water Resources Under Scarcity: A Multidisciplinary Approach. World Scientific Publishing/ Imperial College. 35-63. Further Information

von Braun, J. 2017. The scope for bioeconomy cooperation between Africa and Europe. In: Virgin, I. & Jane Morris, E. (eds.): Creating Sustainable Bioeconomies. The bioscience revolution in Europe and Africa . Oxon: Routledge.