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ZEF Discussion Papers

Zeller, M. 1999. Towards Enhancing the Role of Microfinance for Safety Nets of the Poor. (ZEF Discussion Papers 19) Download [PDF | 153.98KB]

Grote, U., Basu, A.K. and N.H. Chau. 1999. The International Debate and Economic Consequences of Eco-Labeling. (ZEF Discussion Papers 18) Download [PDF | 60.00KB]

Heuermann, A. 1999. Die Bedeutung von Telekommunikationsdiensten für wirtschaftliches Wachstum. (ZEF Discussion Papers 17) Download [PDF | 320.80KB]

Virchow, D. 1999. Spending on Conservation of Plant Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture: How much and how efficient?. (ZEF Discussion Papers 16) Download [PDF | 273.19KB]

Lal, K. 1999. Information Technology and Exports: A Case Study of Indian Garments Manufacturing Enterprises. (ZEF Discussion Papers 15) Download [PDF | 164.56KB]

Menkhoff, L. 1999. Bad Banking in Thailand? An Empirical Analysis of Macro Indicators. (ZEF Discussion Papers 14) Download [PDF | 258.38KB]

Junhai, L. 1999. Legal Reforms in China. (ZEF Discussion Papers 13) Download [PDF | 412.24KB]

Msuya, J. 1999. Nutrition Improvement Projects in Tanzania: Appropriate Choice of Institutions Matters. (ZEF Discussion Papers 12) Download [PDF | 214.11KB]

Stark, O. and Y. Wang. 1999. Externalities, Human Capital Formation, and Corrective Migration Policy. (ZEF Discussion Papers 11) Download [PDF | 167.01KB]

Nasr, M. 1999. Assessing Desertification and Water Harvesting in the Middle East and North Africa: Policy Implications. (ZEF Discussion Papers 10) Download [PDF | 560.06KB]

Jütting, J. 1999. Strengthening Social Security Systems in Rural Areas of Developing Countries. (ZEF Discussion Papers 9) Download [PDF | 238.76KB]

Bayes, A., von Braun, J. and R. Akhter. 1999. Village Pay Phones and Poverty Reduction: Insights from a Grameen Bank Initiative in Bangladesh. (ZEF Discussion Papers 8) Download [PDF | 280.88KB]

Bedi, A. 1999. The Role of Information and Communication Technologies in Economic Development - A Partial Survey. (ZEF Discussion Papers 7) Download [PDF | 218.31KB]

Sheng, M. 1999. Lebensmittelhandel und Konsumtrends in China. (ZEF Discussion Papers 6) Download [PDF | 405.10KB]

Dethier, J.-J. 1999. Governance and Economic Performance: A Survey. (ZEF Discussion Papers 5) Download [PDF | 310.45KB]

Seibel, S., Müller-Falcke, D. and R. Bertolini. 1999. Informations- und Kommunikationstechnologien in Entwicklungsländern. (ZEF Discussion Papers 4) Download [PDF | 244.47KB]