Dr. Luna Bharati


Bharati, L., C. Rodgers, T. Erdenberger, M. Plotnikova, S. Shumilov, P. Vlek, and N. Martin. 2008. Integration of Economic and Hydrologic Models: Exploring Conjuctive Irrigation Water Use Strategies in the Volta Basin. Agricultural Water Management, 95: 925-936. Further Information


Bharati, L., C. Rodgers, S. Shumilov, M. Plotnikova and P. Vlek. 2007. Integrated modeling of conjunctive use of surface and groundwater resources in a small scale irrigation system in the Volta Basin, Africa. In: A. Schumann, M. Pahlow, J.J. Bogardi & P. van der Zaag (eds.): Reducing the Vulnerability of Societies Against Water Related Risks at the Basin Scale. (IWRM 2006, Bochum, Germany). IAHS- Red Book, IAHS Press.

Senior Researcher


ZEF C: Department of Ecology and Natural Resources Management