Dr. Timo Falkenberg

Research themes
  • Water Resources
  • Health and sanitation
  • Land, water, food and energy
  • Health, nutrition and ecosystems
Research countries
  • India
Research projects

Fortschrittskolleg 'One Health and urban transformation'

Working groups

AK Gesundheitsgeographie (Health Geography)

AK Süd-Asien (South Asia)


ZEFc Disciplinary Course: Public Health

ZEF Interdisciplinary Course: One Health

BSc Geography: "Introduction to Health Geography"

MSc Geography: "Ecologies of Health and Disease"

Social Medicine (medical facilty)

MSc Global Health (Module 7 and Module 9)

Tutorship of doctoral candidates

Anna Brückner, Krupali Patel, Jessica Felappi, Juliana Paris, Joshua Ntajal, Berenice Fischer, Yasobant Sandul, Dennis Schmiege, Koissi Savi, Philipp Swoboda, Ana Perez Arrendondo, Samara Gomes, Annie Nana, Vivek Kumar


Dr. rer. nat. (medical geography); MSc Development Administration and Planning; BSc (hon) Public Health

Funding institutions

Ministry of Culture and Reasearch, NRW

Research partners

Institut für Hygiene und Öffentliche Gesundheit, Universität Bonn

Geo Health Center, Universität Bonn

Indian Insitute of Public Health - Gandhinagar (IIPHG)

University of São Paulo (USP)

Institute of Social, Statistical and Economic Research (ISSER)

Research affiliation



Anthonj C. and T. Falkenberg. 2019. Thirst World? Linking Water and Health in the Context of Development. In: Foley, Kearns, Kistemann, Wheeler (eds.): Blue Space, Health and Wellbeing: Hydrophilia Unbounded. Routledge. Chapter 11. Further Information


Falkenberg & Saxena. 2018. Impact of Wastewater-Irrigated Urban Agriculture on Diarrhea Incidence in Ahmedabad, India. IJCM, 2 (43): 102-106. (Open Access) Further Information
Falkenberg, Saxena, Kistemann. 2018. Impact of wastewater-irrigation on in-household water contamination. A cohort study among urban farmers in Ahmedabad, India. Science of The Total Environment, 639: 988-996. (Open Access) Further Information
Falkenberg, T. & Kistemann, T.. 2018. Wasser - Gesundheitsressource und Krankheitsquelle. Geographische Rundschau, 1 (70): 32 - 37. Further Information


Falkenberg, T. 2016. Wastewater-Irrigated Urban Agriculture in the Context of WASH in Ahmedabad, India - The Impact of Irrigation Water Quality on the Incidence of Diarrhea. Doctoral Thesis at Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, University of Bonn. Further Information
Falkenberg, T.. 2016. WASH and Wastewater-Irrigated Urban Agriculture in Ahmedabad, India. WHO CC Newsletter Water & Risk, 24: 4-7. (Open Access) Further Information

Timo Falkenberg

Senior Researcher


ZEF C: Department of Ecology and Natural Resources Management