Marwa Shumo

Research themes
  • Land use and food security
  • Health and sanitation
  • Sustainable use of natural resources
  • New Technologies
Research countries
  • Kenya
Research projects

Insects for feed programme (INSFEED)

Development and implementation of insect-based products to enhance food and nutritional security in sub-Saharan Africa (EntoNUTRI)


M.Sc Environmental Sciences,University of Cologne,Germany

B.Sc Biotechnology,University of Nizwa,Oman

Research affiliation

The International Centre of Insect Physiology and Ecology(icipe),Nairobi, Kenya

Thesis title

Use of black soldier fly (Hermetia illucens) in bioconversion and feed production

Thesis abstract

Use of black soldier fly (Hermetia illucens) in bioconversion and feed production

Thesis abstract

The black soldier fly (Hermetia illucens) (BSF) is a large stratiomyid with a global distribution. It inhiabits moist tropic and sub-tropical regions and can tolerate extreme temperatures. The larval stage might can suffer from loss of body water if kept in terrestrial habitats. BSF are not pests, and in fact they deter the common houseflies that are normally linked to waste and low hygiene and health standards.

BSF are natural decomposers and have been used for waste management within the context of bioconversion – a process of converting waste into insects’ larval biomass and organic waste. They make use of various nutrients abundant in waste streams. In particular, BSF the larvae of BSF can reduce a significant amount of food, animal and sewage waste.

BSF among other insects can be used as a protein source, and when compared to livestock products they exhibit some considerable advantages including their ability to convert feed into edible products much more efficiently. In addition, they produce less ammonia and greenhouse gases in comparison to traditional livestock and also occupy less space.

Insect -driven feed can substitute the costly components of traditional feed. Insects like the BSF are good candidates because of their high ability in to transforming waste into high- protein products. Yet, there are many challenges to be addressed regarding in this matter context including the the ability of harvesting of the insects in a sustainable way that also meets the global demands. In addition, western legislation needs to be developed and food safety matters addressed as the insectsy were have not yet been considered before for food or feed. The aim of this research is to measure the efficiency, health safety and nutritional value of feed produced from BSF larvae grown on sewage waste water waste or/and other organic substrates.


Doctoral research funded by

International Center of Insect Physiology and Ecology (icipe); Foundation fiat panis

The Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ)


Supervisors of
doctoral work

Prof. Dr. Christian Borgemeister

Dr Sunday Ekesi

Advisor at ZEF

Prof. Dr. Christian Borgemeister


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Shumo, M., Khamis, F.M. , Tanga, C.M., Fiaboe, K.M, Subramanian, S. , Ekesi, S., van Huis, A. , and Borgemeister, C..  2019.  Influence of Temperature on Selected Life-History Traits of Black Soldier Fly (Hermetia illucens) Reared on Two Common Urban Organic Waste Streams in Kenya. Animals.  Animals, 9(3) : 79 . Further Information


Marwa Shumo.  2018.  Edible Bugs - The New Beef?.  Further Information
Marwa Shumo.  2018.  Insekten sind das Neue Rind.  Further Information
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Prof. Christian Borgemeister and Marwa Shumo.  2016.  Insects meet an increasing demand for alternative animal protein.  Further Information
Shumo, M..  2016.  Black Soldier Fly: A Bio Tool for Converting Food Waste into Livestock Feed.  Solutions, 7 (4) : 36-39 .

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