Prof. Dr. med. Walter Bruchhausen

Research themes
  • Health, nutrition and ecosystems
Research countries
  • Tanzania

Introduction into Global Health

Additional Information:

Professor in the History, Anthropology and Ethics of Medicine, Medical Faculty of the University of Cologne

Supervision of
ongoing doctoral theses

Inter-sectoral collaboration for One Health in Ahmedabad/India

Inter-religious cooperation in health

Early foreign assistance to health care in Ethiopia

Supervision of
completed doctoral theses

Leprosy in East Africa

The Community of Medical Missionary Assistants in Africa and Asia

German Development and Humanitarian Aid in Health by NGOs

Professional experience

Medical Practice 1990-1999, Co-ordination in Humanitarian Aid 1995-1997, Research and Teaching since 1998,


M. Phil. (1990), Dr. med. (1991), Dipl.-Theol. (1994), Priv.-Doz. (2004)

Funding institutions

VolkswagenStiftung, DFG, Stiftung Mercator, BMZ


Yasobant S, Saxena D, Bruchhausen W, Memon FZ, Falkenberg T.  2019.  Multi-sectoral prioritization of zoonotic diseases: One health perspective from Ahmedabad, India.  PLOS One, 14 . (Open Access)  Further Information


Bruchhausen W.  2018.  Medicalized healing in East Africa. The separation of medicine and religion by politics and science.  In: Lüddeckens D, Schrimpf M (eds.): Medicine - Religion – Spirituality. Global Perspectives on Traditional, Complementary, and Alternative Healing. Transcript.  23-55.  Further Information
Bruchhausen W.  2018.  Health Care between Foreign Politics and Humanitarian Neutrality. Medical Emergency Aid from the two German States before 1970.  Social History of Medicine, . Further Information
Yasobant S, Bruchhausen W, Saxena D, Falkenberg T.  2018.  Convergence model for effectual prevention and control of zoonotic diseases: a health system study on ‘One Health’ approach in Ahmedabad, India.  Health Research Policy and Systems, 4 (16) : 124 . Further Information


Bruchhausen W.  2017.  Publications until 2017. 
Rensch C, Bruchhausen W.  2017.  Medical science meets development aid.  Medical History, 1 : 1-24 . (Open Access)  Download [PDF | 199.69KB]


Bruchhausen, W.  2016.  Publications. 

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Senior Fellow

ZEF C: Department of Ecology and Natural Resources Management