Edna Agyepong

Research themes
  • Land, water, food and energy
Research countries
  • Ghana

2009 - 2011: MSc. Regional Development Planning and Management - TU Dortmund and Universidad Austral de Chile

2003 - 2007: BSc. Planning - Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology


Regional Development Planning and Management, Institutional Development, Community Relations etc.

Thesis title

Dynamics of negotiating access to scarce land resource in peri-urban areas around large hydro-dams: A study of the Bui Gorge in Ghana

Thesis abstract

The research idea focuses on the implications of large-scale economic development projects on land access in surrounding communities. Based on the burgeoning conceptualisations of the creation of new frontier spaces and reterritorialization of resources at the local level, the research seeks to ascertain the strategies employed by different categories of people to negotiate access to land around Ghana’s latest hydro-dam investment, the Bui Dam. It contends that the knock-on developments related to the dam – including the reservoir, irrigated land, and road networks – has spurred a process of peri-urbanisation, land use diversification, and land markets where multiple forces at play are constructing scarcity around land resource. Proposing to adopt the instruments of a participatory approach including cause-effect and impact diagrams, social maps, and wealth ranking, the study will primarily determine how socio-political dynamics and perceptions of scarcity affect people’s access to ‘scarce’ land resource around the dam.

Doctoral research funded by

BMZ via DAAD; Foundation fiat panis

Supervisors of
doctoral work

Prof. Dr. Sabine Tröger, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Science, University of Bonn

Advisor at ZEF

Dr. Wolfram Laube


Edna Agyepong.  2013.  Securing land tenure in ethnically-diverse societies - A comparative study of the laws and land policies of Chile and Ghana.  SPRING Research Series. Germany.

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Edna Agyepong

Junior Researcher

ZEF A: Department of Political and Cultural Change