Dr. Dougbedji Fatondji

Research themes
  • Ecosystem services
Research projects

Working as collaborator in with

Crop diversification group at ICRISAT and in the

Decision Support System project

Working groups

Crop Diversification group and the

Decision Support System project

Professional experience

Before joining ZEF for PhD study, he was employed as a research associate in the groundnut improvement program and the soil and water management program of the ICRISAT Sahelian Center in Niger.

Funding institutions

Crop diversification group: IPALAC, Finlande, USAID

Decision Support System Project: Direction de la Cooperation Belge

Research partners

NGOs and Development Organizations

Research affiliation

Development of rain-fed system with emphasis on soil and water conservation and improved income generation for farmers;


Fate of nutrients from organic matter subjected to termite activities in sahelian soils; the effect of water erosion;


Development of soil fertility management practice that would improve sustainability of land use and enhance mineral fertiliser use of poor farmers

Doctoral research funded by



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Fatondji, D. 2002. Organic fertilizer decomposition, nutrient release and nutrient uptake by millet crop (Pennisetum glaucum (L.) R.Br.) in a traditional land rehabilitation technique (Zaï) in the Sahel. Doctoral thesis at Faculty of Agriculture, University of Bonn. Further Information


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Dougbedji Fatondji

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