Prof. Dr. Devesh Rustagi

Research countries
  • Ethiopia
Additional Information:

Junior Professor of Microeconomics - University of Frankfurt a.M., Germany


Ph.D. ETH Zurich, Switzerland

MS Regional Development Planning, University of Dortmund, Germany and University of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

MA Development Planning, University of Pune, India.


Rustagi, D., S. Engel, M. Kosfeld.  2010.  Conditional cooperation and costly monitoring explain success in forest commons ´management.  Science, 330 : 961-965 .


Rustagi, D.  2009.  Behavioral Heterogeneity and Human Cooperation: Experimental Evidence from Commons Management in Ethiopia.  Doctoral thesis at  ETH Zürich.  Further Information


Rustagi, D.  2005.  What Kidudnda Dam Will Destroy: Ecological and Socio-economic Value of Gonabis, Selous Game Reserve, Tanzania. Tanzania Wildlife Discussion Paper 45, GTZ Wildlife Division, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. 


Rustagi, D.  2002.  Economic Impacts of Biodiversity Conservation on Local Communities: Case Study of a Dudhwa National Park, India.  Thesis at  Pune. 


Kosfeld, M. and D. Rustagi.  Leader Punishment and Cooperation in Groups: Experimental Field Evidence from Commons Management in Ethiopia.  American Economic Review, .

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