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FARA - Forum for Agricultural Research in Africa


Nero, B.F., D. Callo-Concha and M. Denich.  2019.  Increasing Urbanisation and the Role of Green Spaces in Urban Climate Resilience in Africa.  Environmental Change and African Societies. 10.1163/9789004410848_013.  


Nero, B.F., D. Callo-Concha. and M. Denich.  2018.  Structure, Diversity, and Carbon Stocks of the Tree Community of Kumasi, Ghana.  Forests, 9 (9)   : 519   .


Nero B., Callo-Concha D., Anning A.K. and M. Denich.  2017.  Urban Green Spaces Enhance Climate Change Mitigation in Cities of the Global South: The Case of Kumasi, Ghana.  Procedia Engineering, 198   : 69-83   .
Nero B., Campion B., Agbo N., Callo-Concha D. and M. Denich.  2017.  Tree and Trait Diversity, Species Coexistence, and Diversity-functional Relations of Green Spaces in Kumasi, Ghana.  Procedia Engineering, 198   : 99-115   .
Nero B.F..  2017.  Urban green space dynamics and socio-environmental inequity: multi-resolution and spatiotemporal data analysis of Kumasi, Ghana.  International Journal of Remote Sensing, 38 (23)   : 6993-7020   .


Nero, B..  2016.  Urban green spaces enhance carbon sequestration and conserve biodiversity in the global south - Case of Kumasi, Ghana.  Doctoral Thesis at  Faculty of Agriculture,University of Bonn.  Further Information

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Dr. Hermann Eiselen Doctoral Programm of the Foundation fiat panis

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