Madiha Hussain

Research themes
  • Politics & Democracy
Research countries
  • Pakistan

1- International Islamic University, Islamabad.
Since Aug, 2009 till Aug-2016

Teaching/Research Associate

Duties to Perform

1. Teaching Sociology of Development, Social Change, Sociology of Politics at BS/M.Sc./MS level.
2. Supervision of thesis at Master level.
3. External supervisor for Master students.
4. Different administrative activities time to time.

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Sociology of politics

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Thesis title

Opportunities and Barriers for the inclusion of women in Politics: A Case Study of Young Women Activists and Politicians of Pakistan

Thesis abstract

Women political participation in a country is an important measure of determining equal status for them, as it ensures their empowerment and involvement in decision-making process. Women are marginalized in politics with a low representation in national parliaments worldwide. As per IPU report of 2012, women’s representation in parliaments is 22.8% on a global average; while in Asia it’s only 18.6%. However, after year 2000, Pakistan political arena witnessed an increased ratio of women political participation, with the highest voting turn out and highest representation in national parliament ever before. Over the past few decades, Pakistani women, expecting a few prominent women politicians with the political and financial wherewithal, have largely been excluded from engagement in the politics. Notwithstanding, the women wings of many political parties, some of them established during the 1980s, a dramatic increase on young women political participation has also been observed only in the wake of general elections of 2008 & 2013 and at the Pakistan Tehreek Insaf protest at Islamabad, Pakistan in 2014.


The aim of the current study is to examine the enabling factors behind increased young women formal inclusion in political party i.e. PTI and to explore the opportunities and barriers related to such inclusion. For the current research, one of the youth oriented political party, Pakistan Tehreek Insaf (PTI), has be taken as case study and the young women activist and politicians, working in PTI will be analyzed as unit of analysis. This study will bridge the gap between existing knowledge and theoretical findings regarding young women political participation, especially in the context of developing country.


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Madiha Hussain

Junior Researcher

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ZEF A: Department of Political and Cultural Change

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