Salamatu Shaibu

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Research themes
  • Global development and trade
Research countries
  • Ghana
Tutorship of doctoral candidates

Dr. Bernhard Tischbein

Supervision of
ongoing doctoral theses

Prof. Dr. Christian Borgemeister

Funding institutions

KAAD, Foundation fiat panis

Thesis title

Assessment of climate change impact on poorly gauged basins and the nexus implications on corporate sustainability: Ankobra basin, Ghana

Thesis abstract

Impacts of global environmental changes are perpetuating poverty and environmental degradation in the West African region due to overreliance on natural resource extraction for economic and human development. Basin level climate impact assessment remain critical in order to strategise appropriate adaptation strategies within fringe communities. The Ankobra basin is of high socio-ecological and economic significance to the national and local economy though little is known on the climate impact on water resources. There is an immerse contribution of corporate sustainability initiatives (CSI) by corporate users within the basin towards community development and ecosystem resilience apart from their statutory compliance. Their motivation for such initiatives are relevant when seeking climate adaption strategies at community level. The questions are; How does climate change impact runoff variability in the poorly gauged Ankobra basin? How will climate-water interventions affect the behaviour of Corporate users towards corporate sustainability which is critical for community development and environmental protection? What are the expectations of local authorities, regulators and civil society on corporate users towards building climate resilience in fringe communities who can be double burdened? To answer, a case study strategy using IAD-SES framework would be systematically combined with GIS-hydrologic modeling. Qualitative mixed methods would be used to gather the relevant data. Spatial analysis, GIS supported runoff modelling and thematic content analysis techniques will be employed in the data analysis.

The study is expected to contribute to the effect of land use/cover and climate change on runoff responses in a rainforest basin as well as the consequences of climate change impact on development strategies and ecosystem resilience.


Former Junior Researcher

Former Department :
ZEF C: Department of Ecology and Natural Resources Management