Dr. Alice Beining

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Senior Project Specialist

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DFGE - Institute for Energy, Ecology and Economy



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Agricultural Engineer


Biofuels Feedstock (Sugarcane, Cassava, Sweet Sorghum)

Degrees / expertise

MSc in Agricultural Science from the University of Bonn, Germany


Beining, A.  2008.  Ecophysiological diversity of wild /Coffea arabica/ populations in Ethiopia: Drought adaptation mechanisms.  Doctoral thesis at  Faculty of Agriculture, University of Bonn.  Further Information


Beining, A. M. and J. Burkhardt.  2006.  Photosynthesis and water use of wild <i>Coffea arabica</i> populations along climatic gradient in-situ and under stress in an ex-situ experiment.  Proceedings of the 21st International Conference on Coffee Science (ASIC), Sept 11-15, 2006, Montpellier, France. <a href="http://www.asic-cafe.org/pdf/abstract/PA153_2006.pdf">http://www.asic-cafe.org/pdf/abstract/PA153_2006.pdf</a>
Burkhardt, J., A. Beining, T. Kufa and H. Goldbach.  2006.  Different drought adaptation strategies of <i>Coffea arabica</i> populations along a rainfall gradient in Ethiopia.  Proceedings Deutscher Tropentag, Prosperity and Poverty in a Globalized World – Challenges for Agricultural Research, October 11-13, 2006, Bonn


Beining, A., T. Kufa, H. E. Goldbach, M. Fetene and J. Burkhardt.  2005.  Contrasting Adaptation to Drought Stress in wild Populations of Coffea arabica in Ethiopia.  BioTeam Status Seminar, March 14-16, 2005, Bonn
Burkhardt J., T. Kufa, D. Abebe, A. Beining, M. Fetene and H.E. Goldbach.  2005.  Diversity of water relations and hydraulic conditions in wild Coffea arabica populations of Ethiopia.  In: C.J. Li et al. (eds.): Plant nutrition for food security, human health and environmental protection. Tsinghua University Press, Beijing.   546-547. 


Beining, A., T. Kufa, J. Burkhardt and H.Hindorf.  2003.  Water stress tolerance and disease resistance of wild coffee populations in Ethiopia.  International Symposium "Sustainable use and conservation of biological diversity", December 1-4, 2003, Berlin

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Research themes
  • Ecosystem services
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  • Ethiopia

MSc in Agricultural Science from the University of Bonn, Germany

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Alice Beining

Former Junior Researcher

Former Department :
ZEF C: Department of Ecology and Natural Resources Management