Jonathan Stephen Mbwambo

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Assistant Director

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Ministry of Education and Vocational Training


Agricultural Engineer


gender research, conservation of natural resources


Mbwambo, J.  2007.  Agro-biodiversity and food security among smallholder farmers in Uluguru Mountains, Tanzania.  Doctoral thesis at  a Univesity in Tanzania.  Download [PDF]


Chingonikaya E.E. and J.S. Mbwambo.  2004.  Perspectives of the adoption of agroforestry practices and their contribution to poverty reduction among rural households in lake zone. Sponsored by REPOA. 
Mbwambo J. S.  2004.  Strategies for equal participation of women in the conservation and management of natural resources in Uluguru Mountains. Sponsored by WCST/DOF. 
Mbwambo J.S.  2004.  The Role of Local Knowledge in Determining the Biological Values of Protected Areas: A case Study of Udzungwa Mountains Forest Reserves (2001). Sponsored by DANIDA/MEMA. 
Mbwambo J.S.  2004.  Strategies for equal gender involvement in the decision-making process on the use of natural resources in Uluguru Mountains. Consultancy report submitted to the Wildlife Conservation Society of Tanzania and the Uluguru Mountains Bi. 
Mbwambo, J.S.  2004.  Analysis of nature and impact human wildlife conflicts in wildlife corrodors and migration routes in lake Manyara and Tarangire National Parks.  Journal of Management and Development. Mzumbe Univiversity, .
Mbwambo, J.S.  2004.  Farming systems and policy options for food security in uluguru mountains, Tanzania. Paper submitted for publication by the biannual Journal of The Institute of Rural Development Planning, Dodoma Tanzania. 
Mbwambo, J.S. and E.E. Chingonikaya.  2004.  Adoption of agroforestry practices and their contribution to poverty reduction among rural households: A case study of to maize and woody biomass yields and income in Musoma Rural District, Mara Region Tanzania. 


Mbwambo J.S.  2003.  Socioeconomic and baseline information for Mlali Division, Mvomero District. Consultancy report submitted to the Uluguru Mountains Agricultural Development Program (UMADEP) of Sokoine University of Agriculture, Morogoro Tanzania. 


Mbwambo, J.S.  2000.  The Role Of Local Knowledge and Organizations on Sustainable Conservation of Biodiversity: A Case Study of Udzungwa Mountains National Park.  Research carried out as a requirement for partial fulfilment for M.Sc Degree in Management Of Natural Resources at 

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  • Growth, inequality and poverty
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  • Tanzania
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1.1 Full Name Jonathan Stephen Mbwambo

1.2 Sex Male

1.3 Nationality Tanzanian

1.4 Marital Status Married

1.5 Mailing Address Sokoine University of Agriculture,

Development Studies Institute,

P.O.Box 3

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Sokoine University of Agriculture, Morogoro Tannzania.

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ZEF C: Department of Ecology and Natural Resources Management

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