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United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific



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2000 - 2010 World Vegetable Center (AVRDC), Taiwan 2010 - 2015 Centre for Alleviation of Poverty through Sustainable Agriculture (CAPSA), Bogor, Indonesia


"Developing Countries Award” for PhD Thesis by the University of Giessen and Kreditanstalt fuer Wiederaufbau (KfW)

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Asian Development Bank GTZ/BMZ Eiselen foundation EU ACIAR

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Six years of responsible agricultural research experience, successful author and co-author of grant proposals International work experience including Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Lao PDR, Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand, Philippines, PR China, Rwanda, Tanzania, Taiwan, Uganda, Malawi, Chad, Guatemala, USA Mother tongue: German, fluent in English, good Spanish, fair French




Socio-Economist with professional interests in impact assessment, horticultural supply chains, postharvest issues, food safety, nutrition and gender


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Download (english) [PDF | 1.06MB]
Download (german) [PDF | 1.06MB]
Weinberger, K. and T. A. Lumpkin.  2006.  High value agricultural products in Asia and the Pacific for small-holder farmers: Trends, opportunities and research priorities.  GFAR Occasional Paper Series, Rome: GFAR Download [PDF | 259.86KB]
Download (english) [PDF | 259.86KB]
Download (german) [PDF | 259.86KB]


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Download (english) [PDF | 183.80KB]
Download (german) [PDF | 183.80KB]
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Download (english) [PDF | 683.40KB]
Download (german) [PDF | 683.40KB]


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Download (english) [PDF | 65.60KB]
Download (german) [PDF | 65.60KB]
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Download (english) [PDF | 1.22MB]
Download (german) [PDF | 1.22MB]


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Download (english) [PDF | 211.40KB]
Download (german) [PDF | 211.40KB]


Weinberger, K.  2000.  Women’s Participation: An Economic Analysis in Rural Chad and Pakistan.  Doctoral thesis at  Faculty of Agriculture, University of Kiel.  Development economics and policy ; Bd. 15, Lang Verlag  
Weinberger, K. and J. Jütting.  2000.  The role of local organisations in risk management: Some evidence from rural Chad.  Quarterly Journal of International Agriculture, No. 3, : pp. 281-298   .

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