Dr. Tadesse Gole

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Ethiopian Coffee Forest Forum (ECFF)



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P. O. Box 28513
Addis Ababa

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Manager, Ethiopian Coffee Forest Forum, 10/2005-12/2007 Research Officer, Ethiopian Wildlife and Natural History Society, 07/1998-10/1999

Other activities

Associate Editor, Ethiopian Journal of Biological Sciences


1. Distinguished Foreign Scholar Travel Award: from the International Association for Landscape Ecology- U.S. Regional Chapter, April 2003. 2. Global Development Network (GDN) Medal Finalist: in Health, Environment, and Development Category, January 2003. 3. IUCN/Ford Foundation Small Grants Award, August 2002. 4. African Bird Club Conservation Award 2001

Professional memberships

1. Ethiopian Foresters Association: Member, and Chairman (10/2004-10/2007). 2. Biological Society of Ethiopia: Member 3. Ethiopian Wildlife and Natural History Society: Member




Biodiversity, Conservation Biology, Ecology, Coffee Forest, Coffea arabica


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Gole, T.W., F. Gatzweiler and M. Denich.  Conservation and Use of Wild Populations of Coffea Arabica in the Montane Rainforests of Ethiopia. 

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