Antonio Rogmann

Research themes
  • Science Policy
  • Knowledge
  • New Technologies
  • Innovation and science policy
Working groups

ZEF Data Management Working Group

DSSP Coordination Team (Data Management, E-Learning)



Research Data Management

Geographic Information Systems (ESRI, FOSSGIS)

Funding institutions




Antonio Rogmann, Ralf Kunkel, Seyni Salack, Belko Diallo.  2019.  Monitoring Climate Change in "Data-Scarce-Regions".  Data Management Further Information
Salack S., A. Bossa, J. Bliefernicht, S. Berger, Y. Yira, K.A. Sanoussi, S. Guug, D. Heinzeller, A.S. Avocanh, B. Hamadou, S. Meda, B.A. Diallo, I.B. Bado, I.A. Saley, E.K. Daku, N.Z. Lawson, A. Ganaba, S. Sanfo, K. Hien, A. Aduna, G. Steup, B. Diekkrüge.  2019.  Designing Transnational Hydroclimatological Observation Networks and Data Sharing Policies in West Africa.  Data Science Journal, 18 (33)   : 1-15   . Further Information

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Antonio Rogmann

Data Manager


Department s :
ZEF A: Department of Political and Cultural Change
ZEF C: Department of Ecology and Natural Resources Management