Philipo Jacob

Working groups

LANUSYNCON - LANd USe SYNergies and CONflict within the framework of the 2030 agenda

Additional Information:

Research themes

1. Land use/cover changes

2. Ecosystem management

3. Protected Area infrastructural development

4. Biodiversity managment and Conservation

Professional experience

1. Technologist - Sokoine Uiversity of Agriculture

2. Research Assistant - AfricanBioservice Project

3. Project Coordinator - Udzungwa Ecological Monitoring Center

4. Research Associate - Tanzania Wildlife Research Institute

5. Project Leader - Rungwe Nature Reserve_ Study on the distribution and threats facing Rungwecebus Kipinji

6. Project leader     - Livingstone Mountains Ecosystem


MSc. Wildlife Management and Conservation - Sokoine University of Agriculture

Advanced Diploma Wildlife Management - College of African Wildlife Management, Mweka

Funding institutions

German Federal Ministry of Education and Research

Research affiliation

LANd USe SYNergies and CONflict within the Framework of 2030 Agenda (LANUSYNCON)

Doctoral research funded by


Cooperation partners

1. Tanzania Forest Conservation Group (TFCG)

2. Tanzania Wildlife Research Institute

3. Environmental Conservation for Wildlife and Community Enteprise

Supervisors of
doctoral work

1. Jun-Prof. Dr. Lisa Biber-Freudenberger

2. Professor Dr. Pierre Ibisch

Advisor at ZEF

Jun-Prof.Dr. Lisa Biber-Freudenberger


Anders Sundsdal & Bente J. Graae & James D. M. Speed & John Bukombe & Philipo Jacob Mtweve & Marit K. Arneberg & Vilde L. Haukenes & Ragnhild T. Grevskott & Stuart W. Smith.  2020.  Teatime in the Serengeti: macrodetritivores sustain recalcitrant plant litter decomposition across human-modified tropical savannah.  Springer, 456   : 241–258   . (Open Access)  


Stuart William Smith, Bente Jessen Graae, John Bukombe, Shombe Ntaraluka Hassan,Richard Daniel, Philipo Jacob Mtweve, Anna Christina Treydte, James David Mervyn Speed.  2019.  Savannah trees buffer herbaceous plant biomass against wild and domestic herbivores.  Applied Vegetation Science, . (Open Access)  


Francesco Rovero, Amani Kitegile, Philipo Jacob, Simone Tenan.  2015.  Primates Decline Rapidly in Unprotected Forests: Evidence from a Monitoring Program with Data Constraints.  PLoS ONE , . (Open Access)  

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Junior Researcher

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Ecology and Natural Resources Management