Faus Tinus Handi Feryandi

Research themes
  • Development Politics
Research countries
  • Indonesia

2002: Bachelor degree in Geodetic Engineering (Gadjah Mada University - Indonesia)

2011: M.Sc in Geospatial Technologies (Erasmus Mundus Master Course, Universitat Jaume I Spain - University of Muenster Germany)


Land surveying Land valuation

Funding institutions


Thesis title

Proposed aquatic land cadastral system to secure land tenure in the coastline area of Kepulauan Riau Province, Indonesia

Thesis abstract

In Kepulauan Riau, an archipelagic province that has the biggest number of islands in Indonesia, one emerging issue related to land administration and management is the tenure insecurity of land and property in its coastline areas. Local people, who have settled there since hundreds of years ago, could not simply register, get a land title, and have the formal value information of their land. Consequently, the lands are exposed to tenure and resource disputes, or even a forced acquisition due to coastal development demand. Having no legal proof of possession also obstructed the settlers for obtaining further valuable benefits such as better access to mortgages, fair compensation in land procurement, and greater bargaining power in transactions. This insecurity problem is rooted in the absence of appropriate mechanisms to accommodate aquatic land registration and valuation within the Indonesian land administration system. To address the problem, we study and propose a system called “aquatic land cadastral system”, as a core component of land administration system and management. The proposed cadastral system development is based on a review of land administration and management practices, an analysis of stakeholder requirements through participatory approach, a trade-off analysis of tenure security indicators, an assessment of regulatory aspects, and the performance analysis of geospatial-technical methods in land surveying and valuation modeling of aquatic land parcels.

Supervisors of
doctoral work

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Theo Kötter, Institute of Geodesy and Geoinformation, University of Bonn

Advisor at ZEF

Dr. Manfred Denich

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Faus Tinus Handi Feryandi

Junior Researcher

Department :
ZEF C: Department of Ecology and Natural Resources Management

faustinushandi(at)yahoo.com, faustinushandi(at)uni-bonn.de