Fatimah Alfariany Milati

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  • Mobility and migration
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  • Indonesia
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The Intergenerational Social Mobility of Internal Migrants’ Children


Migration, Labour Economics

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The intergenerational social mobility of internal migrants’ children

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Internal migration between districts in Indonesia is more prominent in number than the international migration. One of the motivations for people to migrate is to provide a better future for the children, the next generation. Using endogenous switching regression, we incorporate this endogeneity of migratory decision to investigate intergenerational social mobility of the migrants' children in Indonesia. We aim to explore if migration decision by the parents have some impacts to the children outcomes as an adult, which may break intergenerational poverty trap. We explain our finding using quantitative and qualitative data where the qualitative data from fieldwork informed the quantitative analysis. We use Indonesian Family Life Survey (IFLS) data for the quantitative analysis that provide a longitudinal 21 years data through its five waves of surveys.

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Prof. Dr. Joachim von Braun

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Dr. Chiara Kofol

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Fatimah Alfariany Milati

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ZEF B: Department of Economic and Technological Change