ZEF theme: Science Policy

Ongoing Doctoral Theses

, .. Proposed aquatic land cadastral system to secure land tenure in the coastline area of Kepulauan Riau Province, Indonesia.
Min Jung Cho. Research and its governance in the health research system of Uzbekistan.
Ponce Del Castillo, A. Stem cells research. An analysis from Biolaw.. Thesis at ZEF.
Quiros Garzon, M. Economic analysis of institutional arrangements for rural innovation. Thesis at ZEF.
Schwachula, A. Scientific cooperation for development.An analysis of BMBF policy, funding schemes and implemented projects within the ‘Research for Sustainability Programme’. Doctoral Thesis at University of Bonn.

Published Doctoral Theses


Kyere, V.. 2016. Environmental and Health Impacts of Informal E-waste recycling in Agbogbloshie, Accra, Ghana: Recommendations for Sustainable Management. Doctoral Thesis at Faculty of Mathemetics and Natural Sciences, University of Bonn. Further Information
Vila Seoane, M.. 2016. Beyond profits? An inquiry about media for social transformation in Argentina and Brazil. Doctoral thesis at University of Bremen. Further Information


Kim, E. 2014. International Development and Research in Central Asia: Exploring the Knowledge-based Social Organi-zation of Gender. Doctoral thesis at Faculty of Arts, University of Bonn. Further Information


Nupia-Martinez, C. 2012. Science policy in Colombia 1968-1991: transfer and learning of international policy models. Doctoral hesis at Faculty of Political and Social Sciences, FU Berlin.