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Thurlow, J. and P. Wobst.  2007.  The Role of Agriculture in Pro-poor Growth: Lessons from Zambia.  In: Grimm, M. et al (eds.): Determinants of Pro-poor Growth: Analytical Issues and Findings from Country Cases. Palgrave Macmillan: Basingstoke. 


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Mduma, J. and P. Wobst.  2005.  Village Level Labor Market Development in Tanzania: Evidence from Spatial Econometrics. ZEF-Discussion Papers on Development Policy 96.  Download [PDF | 1.41MB]
Download (english) [PDF | 1.41MB]
Download (german) [PDF | 1.41MB]
Wehrheim, P. and P. Wobst.  2005.  The Economic Role of Russia's Subsistence Agriculture in the Transition Process.  Agricultural Economics, 33 (4) : 91-105 . Download [PDF | 707.21KB]
Download (english) [PDF | 707.21KB]
Download (german) [PDF | 707.21KB]
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Download (english) [PDF | 208.13KB]
Download (german) [PDF | 208.13KB]
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Download (english) [PDF | 1.03MB]
Download (german) [PDF | 1.03MB]
Wehrheim, P. and P. Wobst.  2003.  Modeling Subsistence Agriculture in Russia: Effects of Total Productivity Changes and Reduction of Marketing Margins.  In: Abele, S. and K. Frohberg (eds.): Subsistence Agriculture in Central and Eastern Europe: How to break tie Vicious Circle?. Halle (Germany): IAMO. 
Wobst, P.  2003.  The Impact of Domestic and Global Trade Liberalization on Five Southern African Countries.  Journal of Development Studies, 40 (2) : 70-92 . Download [PDF | 476.52KB]
Download (english) [PDF | 476.52KB]
Download (german) [PDF | 476.52KB]


v. Braun, J., P. Wobst and U. Grote.  2002.  Development Box and Special and Differential Treatment for Food Security of Developing Countries: Potentials, Limitations, and Implementation Issues. ZEF-Discussion Papers on Development Policy 47.  Download [PDF | 565.81KB]
Download (english) [PDF | 565.81KB]
Download (german) [PDF | 565.81KB]
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Download (english) [PDF | 191.47KB]
Download (german) [PDF | 191.47KB]
Wobst, P.  2001.  Structural Adjustment and Intersectional Shifts in Tanzania: A Computable General Equilibrium Analysis. Research Report 117.  International Food Policy Institute. Washington, D.C.. Download [PDF | 706.31KB]
Download (english) [PDF | 706.31KB]
Download (german) [PDF | 706.31KB]

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Research themes
  • Science Policy
  • Renewable energy
  • Economic change and vulnerability
Research countries
  • Bangladesh
  • Kenya
  • Malawi
  • Tanzania
  • Uganda
  • Zambia
  • Russia
  • Romania
Research projects

PASAD - Policy Analysis of Sustainable Agricultural Development in Central and Eastern Europe and Southern Africa

Working groups

Macroeconomics, Trade, and Governance Group (ZEF b)

Research partners

University of Dar es Salaam (Tanzania), National Bureau of Statistics (Tanzania), Economic and Social Research Foundation (Tanzania), Bunda College of Agriculture, University of Malawi (Malawi), Wageningen University (The Netherlands), Purdue University (USA), FAO (Italy), Imperial College at Wye (United Kingdom), International Food Policy Research Institute (USA)

Peter Wobst

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Former Department:
ZEF B: Department of Economic and Technological Change