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Contains the professional profiles of the alumni of the International Doctoral Studies Program and former ZEF staff and fellows. They provide the information and are therefore responsible for the content of their own profile. The profile of current ZEF staff members is available at ZEFs staff list.

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ZEF alumna Farhat Naz: how social sciences can lead to an international career

Dr. Farhat Naz from India obtained her doctoral degree from the Faculty of Arts, Bonn University, in 2011. Her post-doctoral career led her to the International Water Management Institute in New Delhi as a special project scientist in social sciences and to the World Agroforestry Centre in Vietnam as a post-doctoral fellow (as of May 2014). Ms. Naz was appointed young DAAD Ambassador for social sciences to promote research and higher studies in Germany in 2012.

ZEF alumnus Jan Börner: from doctoral student to junior-professor

Jr.-Prof. Jan Börner from Germany received his doctoral degree from the Faculty of Agriculture of Bonn University in 2006. After graduation he worked in Munich and Brazil. On March 22, 2012 he was inaugurated as a Robert Bosch Junior Professor at the University of Bonn. His five-year research on "Shaping environmental policies for sustainable tropical forest bioeconomies in Brazil" is financed by the Robert Bosch Foundation and conducted with a research group at ZEF.  

ZEF alumnus Kofi Nyarko: continuing the development capacity effort

After receiving his doctoral degree from the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, University of Bonn in 2007, Dr. Benjamin Kofi Nyarko returned to his home country Ghana and became a lecturer at the University of Cape Coast, Department of Geography and Regional Planning. Thus, he continued and multiplied the capacity development effort he benefited from at ZEF.