University of Bonn

Name Current Institution
Dr. Abdullaev, Iskandar Transboundary Water Management in Central Asia (Programme), Deutsche Gesellschaft für Technische Zusammenarbeit (GTZ)
Dr. Awan, Usman Khalid
Dr. Bobojonov, Ihtiyor Agriculture and Policy Economist, Economic and Policy Research (SEPR) Program, International Center for Agricultural Research in the Dry Areas (ICARDA), Aleppo
Dr. Forkutsa, Irina
Dr. Franz, Jennifer The University of Manchester, Institute for Development and Policy Management
Dr. Herbst, Susanne INWENT; Internationale Weiterbildung und Entwicklung GmbH
Dr. Kienzler, Kirsten CGIAR Collaborative Research Program for Sustainable Agricultural Production in Central Asia and the Caucasus, (ICARDA) Tashkent
Dr. Martius, Christopher Inter-American Institute for Global Change Research (IAI) Sao Paolo, Brazil
Dr. Mollinga, Peter ZEF, Department of Political and Cultural Change
Dr. Müller, Marc ZEF, Department of Economic and Technological Change
Dr. Oberkircher, Lisa
Dr. Sommer, Rolf International Center for Agricultural Research in the Dry Areas (ICARDA), Aleppo
Dr. Schieder, Tina
Dr. Schoeller-Schletter, Anja
Dr. Trevisani, Tomaso Stiftung Wissenschaft und Politik, Deutsches Institut für International Politik und Sicherheit, Berlin
Dr. Tupitsa, Alexander
Dr. Veldwisch, Gert Jan Wageningen University, Irrigation and Water Engineering Group

German Aerospace Center (DLR) / Remote Sensing Data Center (DFD), Oberpfaffenhofen, Germany in Cooperation with the Remote Sensing Unit at the University of Wuerzburg, Germany

Name Topic Email
Blenk, Susanne Upscaling of field water measurements, hydrology model
Fuchs, Richard Analysis of spatial, spectral and temporal variability of land use and land cover objects at regional scale
Grillenberger, Jörg Remote sensing of leaf chlorophyll in cotton fields at leaf, plant and regional scale
Hahn, Mirjam Analysis of temperature time-series in the aral sea basin
Herbst, Bernhard Optimization of land use classification at regional scale
Kranz, Olaf GIS-based multi-criteria evaluation for fish-pond site selection
Laube, Claudia GIS-based multi-criteria evaluation for tree site selection
Navratil, Peter Remote sensing based inventory of afforestation and natural vegetation on the desiccated Aral Sea bottom
Richter, Nicole Object based classification of shelterbelts at regional scale
Schweitzer, Christian Knowledge-based land use classification
Shi, Zhou Modeling of cotton yields at regional scale

University of Goettingen, Institute for Forest Botany

Name Topic Email
Dr. Worbes, Martin Forest patches, tree growth

IMK-IFU Institute for Meteorology and Climate Research, Department of Atmospheric Environmental Research

Name Current Institution
Dr. Wassmann, Reiner International Rice Research Institute, Manila, Philippines
Dr. Scheer, Clemens Queensland University of Technology, Institute for Sustainable Resources, Australia