Capacity Development

Educating a new generation of scientists and decision-makers in and for the region and therewith enable local staff to implement the project’s concepts and technologies by themselves in the future is an important target of the project. Achievements in the field of academic and institutional capacity building so far consist of (as of October 2011):

Type Uzbek
Non-Uzbek ♀ Non-Uzbek ♂ Total
PhD 6 7 6 9 28
M.Sc. 27 34 13 17 95
B.Sc. 29 7 2 1 39
Habilitation 0 2 0 0 2
Total 62 50 21 27 164

Latest Defenses

Mina Devkota-Wasti successfully defended her thesis on July 22! Her topic: 'Nitrogen management in irrigated cotton based systems under conservation agriculture on salt-affected lands of Uzbekistan'

First supervisor: PD Prof. C. Martius
Second supervisor: Prof. Dr. P. L.G. Vlek
Chair: Prof. Dr. W. Amelung



Krishna Devkota and Dilfuza Djumaeva successfully defended their theses on July 12!

Krishna Devkota's topic was 'Resource utilization and sustainability of conservation based rice - wheat cropping systems in Central Asia'

First supervisor: Prof. Dr. P.L.G. Vlek
Second supervisor: Prof. Dr. F. A. Ewert
Chair: Prof. Dr. M. Becker


Dilfuza Djumaeva defended her PhD thesis with the title 'The effect of phosphorus amendments on nitrogen fixation and growth of trees on salt-affected croplands in the lower reaches of Amu Darya, Uzbekistan'

First supervisor: Prof. Dr. P.L.G. Vlek
Second supervisor: Prof. Dr. A. Khamzina
Chair: Prof. Dr. Golbach


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