Internal database

The Meta Data Base (MDB) is a data base that provides an overview of the data available in the project. It does not contain the data itself.

Only registered members of the Uzbekistan Khorezm-Project Team have access to our database.

A Central Data Base (CDB) is in preparation where those data that are intended to be freely accessible will be available.

Project policy is that in principle all data generated by the program should be publicly available for the benefit of science and the people of the Aral Sea Basin. However, we protect the work of our collaborators, Ph.D. and M.Sc. students in not providing free access to data that are currently being used in ongoing studies.

Do you have a specific request? If so, please contact the project coordinators:

Dr. John Lamers, Coordinator of the ZEF/UNESCO program in Uzbekistan,
» Email

Dr. Ahmad Manschadi, Center for Development Research (ZEF) in Germany,
» Email