University of Bonn

Name Topic Email
Project Coordinator
Dr. M. Manschadi, Ahmad Crop science and modeling Email
Senior Researchers
Dr. Awan, Usman Khalid Hydrology, water management Email
Dr. Bhaduri, Anik Environment and resource economics Email
Dr. Hornidge, Anna-Katharina Knowledge and environmental sociology, additional research region: Southeast Asia Email
Jr. Prof. Dr. Khamzina, Asia Afforestation of degraded agricultural land, tree growth, water relations and nutrition Email
Mehmood-Ul-Hassan, Muhammad Follow the Innovation Email
Dr. Schindler, Julia Multi-Agent Modeling Email
Dr. Subramanian, Saravanan Socio-technical approach for irrigation management Email
Dr. Tischbein, Bernhard Hydrology, irrigation, drainage Email
Turaeva-Höhne, Rano Spread the Innovation“ - Feeding Project Innovations into the Decision-Making Process in Khorezm, Uzbekistan Email
Junior Researchers
Bekchanov, Maksud Economic feasibility and adoption of different water conservation technologies in the Khorezm region, Uzbekistan
Devkota, Krishna Prasad Effect of water-saving irrigation on rice yield and water use: An experimental and modelling study Email
Djumaeva, Dilfuza Assessing opportunities for the introduction of nitrogen-fixing trees and the quantification of total N contribution to the ecosystem for bio-amelioration of degraded land patches in the Aral Sea Basin (Uzbekistan) Email
Forkutsa, Oksana Assessing soil-borne CO2 exchange in irrigated cropland of the Aral Sea Basin as affected by soil types and agricultural management Email
Karimov, Aziz Agricultural Production Economics, Economic Policy Analysis Email
Kudryavtseva, Anisiya Water governance under strict state control Email
Nizamedinkhodjayeva, Nargiza Gendered rural livelihoods within rural transformation process in irrigated area of Khorezm Province in Uzbekistan Email
Shtaltovna, Anastasiya Economics and Governance - Mapping the regional agricultural service organizations Email
Wasti, Mina Kumari Assessment of soil nitrogen (and carbon) dynamics under differently managed cropping systems in irrigated agriculture Email
Master Students
Akhtar, Fazlullah Comparison of the optimal irrigation schedule of Maize & Cotton crops with farmers’ practices in Khorezm region of Uzbekistan
Kaiser, Laura Inventory of tugai forest and land suitability assessment for reforestation under CDM using remote sensing and GIS-based multi-criteria evaluation in Khorezm and Karakalpakstan Region, Uzbekistan
Mori Clement, Yadira Isbi Agricultural price variability with respect to variation in water supply in Khorezm Email
Motlagh, Mahsa Water pricing
Research Assistants
Eichholz, Michael Research Assistant Email
Project Office
Ratzke, Mirjam Administration Email
Schlebusch, Juliette Administration Email
Technical staff
Rupprecht, Deborah Laboratory Assistant Email
Public Relations
Van der Veen, Alma Public Relations Manager Email


Name Topic Email
Dr. Moustafaev, Vefa Coordination, Paris
Shermetova, Natalia ZEF/Unesco Project Office Tashkent, Uzbekistan  

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German Aerospace Center (DLR)/Remote Sensing Data Center (DFD), Oberpfaffenhofen, Germany in Cooperation with the Remote Sensing Unit at the University of Wuerzburg, Germany

Name Topic Email
Dr. Conrad, Christopher Remote sensing, GIS, hydrology christopher.conrad[at]
Dürbeck, Teresa Land suitability analysis and marginal land in the irrigation region Khorezm, Uzbekistan
Ehammer, Andrea Derivation of the fraction of photosynthetically active radiation from multi-temporal Rapid Eye satellite measurements Andrea.Ehammer[at]
Fritsch, Sebastian
Crop yield forecasting, remote sensing, land use classifications sebastian.fritsch[at]
Knöfel, Patrick Conception and adjustment of remote sensing algorithms for acquisition and evaluation of water use efficiency in cotton ecosystems of central Asia patrick.knoefel[at]
Schorcht, Gunther Modeling water distribution, remote sensing gunther.schorcht[at]
Dr. Strunz, Guenther Establishment of GIS center Khorezm/ Urgench and databases guenther.strunz[at]

Urgench project office

Name Topic Email
Project Coordinator
Dr. Lamers, John Economics of farm forestry Email
Senior Researcher
Dr. Akramkhanov, Akmal Extension agronomist
Dr. Rudenko, Inna Value chain analysis
Dr. Djanibekov, Nodir Farm modeling
Dr. Egamberdiev, Oybek Extension agronomist
Dr. Ibragimov, Nazar Field supervisor
Junior Researcher
Abdullaeva, Farida Allocation of agricultural crops under limited water resources
Begdullayeva, Tamara The characteristics of salt accumulation and salt tolerance of Sorghum varieties in Karakalpakstan
Djumaniyazova, Yulduz The efficiency of nitrogen fertilizer rates and water levels on winter wheat in irrigated alluvial meadow soils of Khorezm region
Hayitboeva, Jamila In-Season Nitrogen Management in Winter Wheat, Cotton and Maize Crops by Minolta Chlorophyllmeter SPAD-502 in Khorezm Province, Uzbekistan
Kan, Elena Water Knowledge and Information System in post-soviet Uzbekistan: Analysis of potentials and constraints for agricultural extension services elena[at]
Kuryazov, Izzat Modeling of Nitrogen Use Efficiency of Long and Short Duration Maize in Khorezm Province, Uzbekistan
Poluashova, Gavhar Influence of furrow irrigation on water-salt regime of meadow alluvial soil in Khorezm region
Yuldashev, Ilkhom Strategies of developing livestock production and marketing in the Khorezm region, Uzbekistan
Project office
Matniyazova, Guzal Interpreter
Savutov, Ravshan Office keeper
Sin, Liliana Office Manager
Technical staff
Matkarimova, Marifat Laboratory Coordinator
Dr. Ruzimov, Jumanazar Landscape segment coordinator
Sultonov, Murod GIS Coordinator
Support Staff
Abdullaev, Askar Guard
Abdullaev, Bakhtiyar Driver
Abdullaev, Davron Senior Researcher Assistant
Abdullaev, Kadambay Guard
Allaberganova, Zukhra Cleaner
Djumaniyazov, Maksud Assistant to PhD students
Babadjanov, Fahriddin Driver
Ishmuratov, Anvar GIS assistant
Hamroev, Kodir Driver
Hvan, Lilia Receptionist
Jabberganov, Shakir Driver
Jumagaldiev, Davron Field Assistant
Jumaniyazov, Ildar Guard
Karimova, Evgeniya Cook
Kim, Artur Driver
Kolosov, Kostya Driver
Lee, Aleksandr GIS Assistant
Matlatipov, Gayrat System administrator
Masharipov, Berdi Field Assistant
Matkarimov, Nizomjon Field Assistant
Matnazarov, Husain Tractor Driver
Matyakubov, Zakir Driver
Kurbaniyazova, Feruza PhD assistant
Nadjmetdinova, Golshat Cook
Rakhimova, Mastura Field Assistant
Ruzibayev, Erkin Field Assistant
Sapaev, Bahtier Guard
Sapaev, Temur Guard
Saparbaev, Utkirbek Field assistant
Shermetova, Diana Interpreter
Yapaev, Javlon Field Assistant
Yakubov, Ravshon Driver
Yusupov, Maksud Driver
Zameshaeva, Oxana Cleaner
Abdullaev, Mahmud
Prof. Eshchanov, Ruzumboy Rector Urgench State University

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