Bonn Water Network event

October 18, 2021 | 09:00 h - October 21, 2021 | 17:00 h

The 4th Global WOPs Congress is around the corner!
From 18 to 29 October, the #WOPsCongress will feature more than 30 sessions and spaces to spur exchange, learning, and collaboration on topics relevant to water and sanitation operators across the globe and inspire actions on pressing matters such as climate adaptation in the water and sanitation sector, progress on SDG6, and the power of peer-to-peer support in times of crisis. In cooperation with #GWOPA we invite you to join the Congress together with us to learn, share, inspire, and accelerate the scaling up of effective peer-to-peer partnerships between Water Operators worldwide.

The Bonn Water Network cordially invites you to its sessions at the 4th Global WOPs Congress between 19 -21 Oct 2021, which we warmly invite you to attend. The sessions focus on water and sewage management in different parts of the global South. The Network bundles the capacities of ten renowned, Bonn-based institutions and its extended network of partners on water and related issues in international research, development policy and training. The BWN organizes these in three sessions.

The Bonn Water Network is co-convening a session on the Circular Economy, "Leapfrogging or treading water? Utilities picking up the pace at the water-energy-food nexus" on Thursday, October 21st from 13:00 to 15:00. CEST Please find the description of the session here <> .

The Congress will be fully online, open to everyone and free of charge. Discover the programme and the session descriptions here and sign up by scanning the QR code below or follow the registration link.

The first session titled ‘Fighting COVID together – are utilities getting the support they need?’ on Tuesday, 19 October 2021 (between 16.00 to 18.00 CEST) engages with water operators in Southern Africa. The session is organized with Rockblue Foundation- South Africa. The session moderated by Dr. Peter Macy and Dr. Saravanan.V.S (DIE) focuses on how water operators around the globe, namely from Africa, are making unprecedented efforts to ensure the continuity and expansion of services in times of a pandemic.
Please find the details of the session here <> .

Researchers from the Bonn Water Network also present a paper in the session ‘Managing and Responding to natural disasters in a Changing world’ on Wednesday, 20 October (between 16.00 -1730 CEST). Their paper ‘Catchment to Creek: Strengthening Climate Resilience in Bonn’ highlights the lessons learnt from the 2021 flooding for strengthening a climate resilient approach to water in the local urban context.
Please find the details of the session here <> .

On day 4 of the GWOPA congress, the BWN- team organizes the session Leapfrogging or Treading Water?: Utilities picking up the pace at the water-energy-food nexus on Thursday, 21 October (13.00-15.00 CEST). The Chair of the BWN, Dr Annabelle Houdret (DIE, Germany) will introduce the thematic focus of the session. Two sub-sessions will look at how water and sanitation operators in different contexts adopt the ‘circular economy’ paradigm. The first sub-session, moderated by Dr Josiane Nikiema (IWMI, Ghana), explores ‘Innovative Approaches on Water Reclamation and integrated Resource Recovery’ in different cities from the view of academic researchers. Dr. Solomie Gebrezgabher (IWMI, Ghana) presents on innovative wastewater reuse modes in developing countries. Ms. Natalie Páez Curtidor, TU Munich (Germany) applies the water-energy-food nexus approach to climate-resilient water safety planning drawing on her research in Leh, India. Prof. N C Narayanan (Indian Institute of Technology, Mumbai, India) examines the challenges of centralized and decentralized wastewater management in a small town in India. Dr. Birgit Kemmerling, BICC (Germany) examines the adaptation strategies of rural actors in introducing water reclamation and circular economy in Morocco.

The second sub-session, moderated by Dr. V.S.Saravanan (DIE, Germany) explores the challenges and opportunities for leaping forward through public-private partnerships from the viewpoint of water operators. Mr. Ossei Assibey Bonsu, Kumasi Metropolitan Assembly (Ghana) will present the PPP initiatives in Kumasi, Ghana. Mr. Manas Rath & Mr. Sibasish Dasgupta, Udaipur Municipal Corporation (India) will present on the institutionalization of PPP for sewage treatment in Udaipur, India.
Please find the description of the session here <> .

Registration: 4 GWOPA Congress takes place on a virtual conference platform. The registration is free WOPs-Congress-Programme-at-a-glance <> (