ZEF Colloquium on Radical Ecological Democracy – A framework for addressing conflict in development

March 4, 2021 | 13:30 h - 14:30 h

ZEF Online Colloquium

Speaker: Pallav Das (conservation professional and activist, editor of the Radical Ecological Democracy)

Topic: Radical Ecological Democracy – A framework for addressing conflict in development

The very nature of the contemporary model of “development” leads to conflict within and between societies as it is predicated upon the ferocious quest for natural resources and territories in a progressively diminishing pool in a finite world. The ruling elite, particularly the corporations, have been the benefactors as well as the beneficiaries of this system. “Radical Ecological Democracy” puts collectives and communities at the center of governance and the economy instead of the state and the corporation, and respects the limits of the earth and the rights of other species, while pursuing the core values of social justice and equity. Using contemporary examples, Pallav Das will explain how the strong democratic and egalitarian fundamentals of Radical Ecological Democracy can help construct a framework to address conflict, and ultimately create a meaningful alternative to the neoliberal model of development.

Pallav Das has pursued a unique twin track career in environmental conservation and creative communications. As a conservation professional and activist, he has a proven track record in contributing to the preservation of threatened habitat areas in South Asia. Pallav has spent years exploring the Himalayan wilderness, researching and writing on the ecology of wetlands and alpine areas, building grass roots networks to promote sustainable environmental policies, and analyzing and advocating public policies for biodiversity and habitat conservation. Pallav’s involvement with environmental campaigns goes back to the late seventies when, as a teenager, he co-founded one of the first environmental action groups in India, called Kalpavriksh (www.kalpavriksh.org). Lately, Pallav has focused on understanding the impact of climate change and the contemporary paradigm for energy production in the developing world. As a student of politics and social-anthropology, Pallav wants to help build a productive space at the confluence of ecology, politics and energy to discuss and craft creative and sustainable  solutions for the future. Pallav also edits the Radical Ecological Democracy website, an Internet platform exploring “alternatives” to the contemporary neoliberal socio-economic and political order.

As a communications expert, Pallav has designed and launched innovative campaigns, produced incisive documentaries, developed communications strategies for clients, and founded and led both private and non-profit organizations. Pallav has documented some of India’s most pressing development challenges through his film work, including insightful films on violence against women and the threat of HIV/AIDS among street children. He has served as an executive and manager, managing a TV news magazine for a major media outlet in India, as well as his own production and consulting firm. Pallav is also the co-author of a book on trekking in the Himalayas, which grew out of his own intimate experience exploring this great mountain chain.

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