Latest ZEF news magazine: About farmers, floods, forests and Africa's future

March 23, 2018.  

Read about farmers in Africa, floods in Bangladesh, forests in South America and how Africa can build a future free from hunger and malnutrition in our latest ZEF news magazine (no. 36, March 2018).

Download the magazine <link https: uploads tx_zefportal zefnews zef_news_no_36_web.pdf external-link-new-window internal link in current>here

or the single articles below:


Lead article:

<link file:5499 download internal link in current>How Africa can build a future free from hunger and malnutrition
Authors: Ousmane Badiane and Joachim von Braun)



<link file:5504>How "green" is tree plantation extractivism? Field research insights from Chile
(Author: Alejandro Mora-Motta)

<link file:5503 download internal link in current>Flood in Bangladesh: How households cope with its impact on their food and nutrition (in)security
(Authors: Mohammad Monirul Hasan and AHM Saiful Islam)

<link file:5500 download internal link in current>Climate change adaptation: An unending challenge for West African Savannah farmers
(Author: Daniel Callo-Concha)

<link file:5498>Hydrological modeling under data-scarce conditions in Afghanistan: How to cope
(Authors: Fazlullah Akhtar and Bernhard Tischbein)

<link file:5506>How farmers' organizations can contribute to empowering farmers in Africa
(Author: Eli Wortmann-Kolundzija)



<link file:5497>Professor Janet Adelegan about building capacity for climate expertise in West Africa

(New) projects at ZEF:

<link file:5507>Environmental peace building in and with Colombia

<link file:5501>Striving for sustainable bioeconomies: STRIVE
(Author: Jan Janosch Förster)


Doctoral theses @ ZEF:

<link file:5502 download internal link in current>Indigenous responses to deforestation: Land use and territorial conflicts in Paraguay
(Author: Marcos Glauser)